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720624 - Letter to Gurudasa and Yamuna written from Los Angeles

Letter to Gurudas and Jamuna (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Gurudas and Jamuna (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Camp:  Los Angeles, ISKCON
Date:   June 24, 1972

My Dear Gurudas and Jamuna,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letters dated June 13, 1972, and I am very glad always to hear from you about how the things are going on in Vrndavan. I am especially pleased to hear that Mr. Kenneth Keating is becoming more and more interested in our movement, and that you have received the first allotment of foodstuffs from the American Government. One thing, why the American Government does not give us more help for America's hippies who come to India? They have got tendency to live with us, and we have got every facility for giving them comfortable shelter, clean living, spiritual training and good moral standing. So if the American boys are coming to India to get this philosophy, is it not up to the American Government to give them assistance?
Sometimes before, Ksirodaksayee has made promises many, but then he goes away. So Gargamuni is a little aspiring to be the president of Vrndavan, and he was sorry when he was refused the post because I wanted to give Ksirodaksayee chance. But Ksirodaksayee is not very responsible, so why not make Gargamuni president of the Vrndavan temple to be responsible for collecting the money and making certain that the job gets done on time? If he is given a big task to do, Gargamuni has got determination and he always comes out successful in this matter of raising money and doing some big work with it, just like when he purchased our Los Angeles temple. Main thing is, don't waste any time. Finish it on time.
There is one saying that one should cut the coat according to the pocket. So even we cannot afford [handwritten] the proposed temple project as we have got the plans drawn by Saurabha and that architect, Mr. Suri, still, if we have not got sufficient funds and if there is long delay to get them, better to go ahead and build something little cheaper and very simple. The temple can be made with ordinary bricks if there is no money available, as I have drawn the plan before in the beginning. Unless someone comes forward with money, this structure as you have drawn it will be too much expensive. According to our means and strength we can construct a simple temple of bricks only. But one thing is, you must have somebody who can look after the work who has got some experience or you will be cheated. Jayapataka has got good experience in Mayapur, so he can sometimes go to Vrndavan, give instructions, and go back, like that. So you may write him in this connection and make the proposal. Singhania will not give anything, rest assured. Don't go after him, he is like that, very difficult to deal with. Regarding the revised plans that you have sent me, the side-supports or slabs vertical can be made of stone slabs which are easily available.
Regarding the proposal that Jamuna devi has given of the Deities I shall consider. There is no hasting. We have already got murties in Delhi and I think you told me in one letter that somebody has promised Rs. 30,000 for murties, whether it is a fact? Another thing, where are the important documents for Vrndavan, like the Deed of Gift, [handwritten] etc.? They should be kept carefully in a safety deposit box at the bank. And what is the present condition of Mr. Saraf, is he still holding the job as treasurer, as originally proposed? And whether the front portion of his land can be included in our garden?

Gurudas and Jamuna
Radha Damodar Temple
Sewa Kunj, VRINDABAN (U.P.), INDIA [handwritten]

Hoping this will meet you both in good health and happy mood.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Gurudas and Jamuna c/o ISKCON Vrndavan