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711222 - Letter to Upendra written from Bombay

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Letter to Upendra

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Date:   December 22, 1971

My Dear Upendra,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of December 12, 1971, and I am pleased to hear from you. I have received yesterday one phone call from Mohanananda in Sydney, inviting me to come there when I leave from here in March. I shall be very glad to come there, via Hong Kong. You should make arrangements for two tickets from Hong Kong to Australia and then to Tokyo.
I am encouraged to hear from you that Melbourne Temple is even better than Sydney Temple, so I must surely come there to see it. Go on like this, transcendental rivalry, just like San Francisco and Los Angeles, this pleases me very much. But it is not that we are envious! No, material envy is not like that. Even the gopis, they were envious of one another, in a transcendental sense. They were thinking, Oh, she has attracted Krishna more than me, that is very nice, she has given Him more pleasure than me, now let me try more to please Him. That is the process, how to improve in Krishna Consciousness.
I shall be glad to install the murtis when I shall come there.
Hoping this will meet you in good health. Your wife, Chitralekha, is in Vrindaban recovering her health, but I think that she will be returning there soon. Her address is c/o Saraf Bhawan, opp. Vidya Pith College Vrindaban , (Dist. Mathura), U.P.

Your ever well-wisher,
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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami