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710823 - Letter to Tamala Krishna and Gurudasa written from London

Letter to Tamal and Gurudas (page 1 of 2)
Letter to Tamal and Gurudas (Page 2 of 2 - text missing)

7, Bury Place
London, W.C.1; England
23rd August, 1971

My Dear Tamal and Gurudas,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letters dated 19th and 17th August, 1971 respectively as well as Yamuna's letter dated the 15th August. Regarding Indira Gandhi there is no hope. The high commissioner has informed. So it is Krishna's desire that she should not lay down the foundation stone. The program will be executed by some good Vaishnava which I am thinking of. Otherwise I shall personally do it. On the whole it is Lord Chaitanya's desire that a Vaishnava shall lay down the cornerstone instead of asking some material man or woman to perform the holy work. So don't try for Indira Gandhi any more.
Do your business and try to establish Delhi center solidly and secure members for financing the Mayapur scheme. I have received one letter from Brahmananda Swami in Africa and he is doing very well there. There is good prospect for establishing a center there and most probably I may go there on my way back to India.
Regarding the Bengali translation by S. Ganguli, it is almost perfect; 90%. But 10% incorrect is not his fault. He is a new man. Therefore there are little discrepancies with our thoughts. Besides that there are some mistakes in spelling [unclear] Sanskrit verses. On the whole we can immediately start the Bengali paper but there is not one qualified man who can check over the correctness of the papers. Even it is 99% all right, still that 1% must be corrected. So far I am concerned, I cannot give my time to this. The best thing would have been if this Mr. Ganguli would come and be our student and learn our philosophy carefully and then he would be most suitable man for becoming editor of our Bengali paper. Do you think that Amritananda will be able to check as the second Bengali man? Ask him if he is able to check the papers. Then jointly with the endeavor of Amritananda and Ganguli you can start the Bengali paper as well as publish books.
Dr. Bali has been making a program since a very long time but what is the exact program in S. India? Formerly it was settled before Vijantimalla and Dr. Bali that we shall hold a similar pandal festival in Madras in October. Unless 20 or 25 men perform this function it will not be successful. But at present if we haven't got sufficient men how we can take up this program? Men will be going there to India gradually.
We are making a very gorgeous plan at Mayapur and if you altogether can give shape to this plan, it will be unique if not in the whole world then at least in all of India. I am giving instruction to all the workers here and they are doing nicely, I think when Bhavananda and Nara Narayan go to India they will carry the plans with them.

This membership program is so nice that you can make members all over the world. So this temple should be subscribed by money raised all over the world and it must be very unique. The aim is to make it an international institute for taking perfect spiritual order of life; we shall give titles like bachelor of divinity, master of divinity, doctor of divinity. Besides that as I have already told you all several times in India, respectable gentlemen want to educate their children through the English medium. If we can organize such an institution such as St. Xavier's college in Calcutta and Bombay and we can give them instruction through the English medium and raise them in a Krishna Conscious culture we shall get unlimited number of students from respectable families of India. Such institution will be very much welcome especially in Bombay and Delhi. So think over this matter how best to organize such an institution as St. Xavier's college. Our mission is solid. Our philosophy is not utopian. Our men are being trained for exemplary character. So we shall have a unique position all over the world provided we stick to the principles, namely unflinching faith in Spiritual Master and Krishna, chanting not less than 16 rounds regularly and following the regulative principles. Then our men will conquer all over the world.
Hoping this will meet you all in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


c/o ISKCON Delhi

P.S.: While posting this letter, one letter came from Calcutta in which it is said "As for accounts, at least the trial balance sheet has shown great discrepancies. For example, I have collected Rs. 70,000/- from the Maidan advertisers, but only Rs. 55,000/- has been recorded, and after being informed I was able to account for a possible Rs. 5,600/- of the difference, but still Rs 9,400/- is unaccounted for. Also a profit of Rs. 15,000/- was supposed to have been made due to the Maidan program, and that profit was to have paid off a previous Calcutta debt to the building fund, but now that Rs 15,000/- has been spent for maintenance, and an additional Rs 8,000/- of membership money collected since the programme has also been spent, so the Calcutta debit is now Rs 23,000/- and is increasing.
Now who will be responsible for this Rs 23,000/-

[text missing]

Jayapataka - Please give account for the Rs. 9,400.00