710428 - Letter to Ramesvara, Badrinarayan, Vaidyanath, Trilochana, Paratrikananda, Kulapradip, Jayanarayana, Iksvakurani, Lilasakti, Santanandi, Vikramini and Riktananda written from Bombay

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Go-previous.pngLetters by Date, 1971
Letter to Sons and Daughters

Tridandi Goswami

International Society For Krishna Consciousness
P.O.Box 387
Fort, Bombay-1

April 28th 1971

My Dear Sons and Daughters,

Please accept my blessings. By Sriman Karandhar Prabhu's recommendation, I am very pleased to accept you twelve as my duly initiated disciples. I have chanted on your beads, newly acquired from here, and they should be arriving soon by parcel post. Your initiated names are as follows.

1. (Robert Grant) = Ramesvara. Ramesvara is one of the important pilgrimages in India and is where Lord Ramacandra was present for going to the other side of the Indian Ocean.
2. (Bob Morrel) = Badrinarayan. Badrinarayana is another important pilgrimage where Lord Krishna was present as Badrinarayan.
3. (Bob Sandel) = Vaidyanath. Vaidyanath is another pilgrimage and is where Lord Siva is worshiping Lord Krishna.
4. (Ty Hadman) = Trilochana. Trilochana, a name for Krishna, means one who can see past, present, and future.
5. (Pat Hogan) = Paratrikananda. Paratrikananda means one who is interested in, or takes pleasure in, spiritual life.
6. (Carl Voelkner) = Kulapradip. Kulapradip means the light of the family, or a Vaisnava. One who becomes a Vaisnava becomes the light of the family.
7. (Jim Rutland) = Jayanarayana. Jayanarayana means "all glories to Narayana" who is expansion of Krishna.
8. (Irene Kent) = Iksvakurani. Iksvakurani means the queen of Iksvaku, who was the forefather of the family of Lord Ramacandra.
9. (Linda Forkash) = Lilasakti. Lilasakti is the energy which assists Lord Krishna in His pastimes.
10. (Stephani Swartz) = Santanandi. Santanandi is one who likes blissful life.
11. (Vickie Dagenhart) = Vikramini. Vikramini is the most powerful energy of Krishna.
12. (Richard Arthur) = Riktananda. Riktananda means one who takes pleasure living alone.

Now it is your duty that you always must keep yourselves fit in Krishna's service. The formula is very simple and if you will follow undeviatingly then your rapid advancement in Krishna Consciousness is certain. All of you must chant at least 16 rounds of beads daily and without fail. That is first and foremost. And follow all the rules and regulations of devotional life rigidly. Read all our books, attend classes and aratis, go on street Sankirtan, and always be thinking of Krishna. That is the point. Somehow or other always be thinking of Krishna. Then you will be happy and your going back to home, back to Godhead will be certain.