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710423 - Letter to Professor G. G. Kotovsky written from Bombay

Letter to Professor Kotovsky

Fort, Bombay-1; INDIA

23rd April,             71

Professor G.G. Kotovsky
Head, Department of Indian and South Asian Studies,
Institute of Oriental Studies,
USSR Academy of Sciences, Armyansky Perlk 2
Moscow, USSR.

Dear Professor Kotovsky,

Please accept my greetings. I beg to inform you that a copy of your letter dated 16th March, 1971 was forwarded to me by Sriman Krsnadas Adhikary, Governing Body Commission member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness; c/o Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple; 2 Hamburg 6; Bartelstrasse 65; and it was understood that you and your university are interested in hearing about Krishna culture and philosophy. This ancient Krishna culture and philosophy is the oldest in the world or in the universe. At least from a historical point of view it is not less than 5,000 years old.
Perhaps you may know that I have started this cultural movement since 1966 and it is already spreading all over the world. Krishna culture is so popular in India that even the government attracts many foreigners by Air India time table to visit Vrindaban, the land of Krishna culture. Enclosed please find one page from the latest Air India time table (April, 1971) wherein the Krishna culture is depicted for general attraction.
My life is dedicated to spreading this Krishna culture all over the world. I think if you give me a chance to speak about the great Krishna culture and philosophy in your country, you will very much appreciate the simple programme with great profit. This culture is so well planned that it would be acceptable by any thoughtful man throughout the whole world.
I am going out of India for far East Asia and Australia by the end of the month. My next engagement is in Calcutta from May 14th to May 24th, 1971. So if you desire I can go to your country for a fortnight only by the end of May, 1971 to explain about this Krishna culture and philosophy.

Yours sincerely,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami