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710419 - Letter to Deputy Commissioner of Police written from Bombay

Letter to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bombay

P.O. Box no 387
Fort, Bombay-1, INDIA

19th April,               71

Deputy Commissioner of Police
Special Branch II, C.I.D.
Annexe 2, Gymnasium Road

Subject Matter: Re: letters no. 7180 and 7181. Extension of stay in India of Mr. Kary Hans and Mrs. Kary Helena.

Dear Sir:

With reference to your two above-mentioned letters. I beg to inform you that Mr. Kary Hans and Mrs. Kary Helena, American nationals, are still with me for extension of their stay in India. They have already applied to Delhi authorities and for expediting the transaction, I am sending my representative to Delhi the day after tomorrow.

The thing is that this San Kirtan Movement which I am propagating all over the world was also exhibited in the Cross Maidan for eleven days which I think you must have seen. So in India I am especially present here to popularize this movement for awakening God Consciousness of people in general and they are appreciating it very much. In that connection I request the helping hand of these foreigners. As far as possible, I have guaranteed their staying in India in the matter of their maintenance and security and still you want them to go. I cannot understand what are the legal intricacies in this connection. If you will kindly give me direction how they can stay, it will be very kind of you. I require their help very much in connection with the Hare Krishna Movement.
Thanking you in anticipation of an early reply.

Yours sincerely,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami