700622 - Letter to Vamanadeva written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Vamandev

Tridandi Goswami


International Society For Krishna Consciousness
3764 Watseka Avenue
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

June 22nd 1970

My Dear Vamandev,

Please accept my blessings and offer the same to your good wife, Indira Dasi. I am in due receipt of your very encouraging letter dated 17th June, 1970, along with some pictures and plans of the new St. Louis temple.

I am very glad to know that you are both, husband and wife, working very hard and sincerely for the mission of spreading Krsna consciousness, and therefore Krsna has provided these nice facilities for His service. From the appearance of the house it is very strongly built of stone brick and in good condition. The plans which you have drawn up indicate that the building is well suited to our purpose. So now develop your center with the help of the new boys and girls.

You are an intelligent and educated boy and highly skilled carpenter as well as devotee and your wife is well qualified similarly. I want that you should continue our program as you are already doing and in this way you will advance in Krsna consciousness more and more. So you set the ideal standard of householder life for the benefit of others and they will gradually be influenced to follow your example of sincere service on Krsna's behalf.

Regarding the arrangement of the Deities on the altar, the arrangement here in L.A. temple is


Gargamuni has taken some pictures of the Temple room and I shall send a copy to you when they are printed. So make the altar very gorgeous according to your facilities there. That will be nice.

Regarding my stay in New Vrndavana, I will be there at the time of Janmastami celebration, and at that time all the members of the Eastern temples are invited to gather to celebrate this Holy occasion together. This will also provide an opportunity for me to visit you all. So when you come there we shall discuss our further programs together.

I understand that your first child will be born in one month. The child may be named "Jagannath" and you may make it Das or Dasi accordingly.

Hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami