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690908 - Letter to Tamala Krishna written from Hamburg

Letter to Tamal Krishna

2 Hamburg 19, Eppendorfer Weg 11
West Germenay

September 8th, 1969

My Dear Tamal Krishna,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to thank you for your letters dated August 27th and 29th, 1969 and September 3rd, 1969. I am very much concerned why ____ is not complying to the principles of the temple. The first thing is that nobody should enter my room for any other purpose except cleansing. Nobody can stay there or sleep there or anything. If she wants to worship Krishna in her own way, she must find an apartment outside the temple. She does not belong to the Vaisnava principles, therefore we cannot approve her Deity worship within the temple. Her example may be followed by others, therefore it must be stopped immediately. Regarding the house, it is not possible for us to pay such sums: it is untouchable. But if they are prepared to sell the house at 250,000 dollars when complete and finished, and accept 10% down payment, then we can consider to touch it. Regarding the Sanskrit dictionary, keep it there carefully. It is important. Regarding the information you sent from the Bank of America Calcutta, I am little busy now because I am starting for London this Thursday. I shall have to scrutinizingly see what they propose. I shall reply this from London. In the meantime, as you are getting goods from Delhi, there is no worry. This Bank of America in Calcutta will be needed when we begin business with Calcutta. There is no immediate hurry. I shall think it over and let you know from London.

I am very pleased that Berkeley has just secured a nice temple, and the rent is also not very much. It is good news. You write that you are introducing our books in a new bookstore, and similarly try to introduce this valuable literature in many such bookstores in the Los Angeles area. I think you may introduce the ceremony of strolling the Deities round about the temple. If not every evening, then it can be done at least one day per week at a fixed up time.

Please offer my blessings to the others. I hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

PS: I am very much anxious to know what is happening to the Tokyo center plans.