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690728 - Letter to Mukunda written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Mukunda (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Mukunda (Page 2 of 2)

1975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90034

July 28, 1969

My Dear Mukunda,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to thank you for your letter dated July 21, 1969, and I am glad that you have already sent to New York part of the payment of $1,025. It doesn't matter that you could not pay all at a time. You can pay the balance after the 27th. This is all right. So far as the three sets of beads, I did not receive them yet. I do not know to which address the beads were sent. This afternoon I returned from San Francisco where there was a very, very successful Rathayatra Ceremony. There were at least 10,000 people who walked with us to the ocean for a ten mile parade, and everyone was chanting and dancing in ecstasy. Then at the ocean there was grand-scale Prasadam distribution and chanting again on into the evening. Everyone appreciated Krishna Consciousness so much, and it is so encouraging to see how the young boys and girls of the western countries are gradually coming to understand something of this movement.
I am so glad to learn that Mr. Ted Berk, the American poet, is now living with you as brahmachary. Let him become now a Vaishnava poet. There are so many Vaishnava poets in India. Now as Krishna Consciousness is spreading, I think there must be some western Vaishnava poets, and Mr. Ted Berk may be the first one. So far as Trivikram is concerned, he is a super first-class brahmachary. His service attitude, his submission is very nice although he is still a new member. The thing is that he had the association of Rupanuga who is an ideal householder devotee. I am feeling very much proud personally because my so many householder devotees are preaching Krishna Consciousness so nicely. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu did not make any distinction between the so-called brahmachary, house holder, or sannyasi. He specifically stressed that these designations are superficial, pertaining to bodies. Krishna Consciousness is the function of the soul, jivatma. In the Vedas it is said that the spirit soul is without any touch of material contamination, but when he forgets Krishna he thinks himself as a material product. That is called Maya. But in any position, if one can understand the science of Krishna Consciousness, he can deliver many, many fallen souls. So it is my request to you all that you establish an exemplary character and show how householders can be the first class transcendentalists. When I feel that my householder disciples are preaching so nicely I actually feel very much proud.
I understand from a letter from Gurudas that you have elections for officers for your temple, and the men filling the posts are all very well suited for their position. Now all of you please make quickly the march towards the goal of Krishna Consciousness Movement being very successful. Here Tamal Krishna and Gargamuni have promised me to start a center every quarterly, and it is my ambition that I want to establish at least 108 centers; beginning from Hamburg, crossing over the Atlantic to your country, USA, then the Pacific, covering Hawaii and reaching to Tokyo, Japan. It is about 13,000 miles long, and do you think that 108 centers within 13,000 miles is a very difficult proposition? I don't think so. So you also try to to establish at least one dozen centers in England. Krishna das, combined with Mandali Bhadra, Jayagovinda and Shivananda are already alert to establish some more branches in Europe. Shivananda is contemplating to to open a branch in Copenhagen, and Krishna das is trying for another in Munich. So this news is very encouraging to me. I shall request you that your next attempt shall be to establish a center in Oxford, where I have heard you have successfully performed kirtan so the students postponed their attendance in economic class and wanted to enjoy the transcendental vibrations. So I shall request you again to establish another branch in Oxford as soon as possible.
I have recently received news from New York that their last week Sankirtan collection was $1,000, and they have already sold out 3,000 copies of BTG in the past few weeks, so now they are ordering more copies from the West Coast. This is very, very encouraging, and I have asked my Guru Maharaj to just see how nicely these nice young boys and girls are taking to His Divine Mission. I have also received report that your BTG sales are not very encouraging. I am not very sorry for this at all because I know that you are now engaged for Rathayatra Festival and for fixing up the temple. But I hope that soon you will fulfill your quota of selling 5,000 copies in London. In the issues #25 and #26 you will find very, very nice articles. So execute your duties faithfully and sincerely. I am sure that you are doing this, but still it is my duty to remind you the same thing repeatedly as I am your Spiritual Master.
Krishna das is asking me to go to Hamburg repeatedly, and he sent a ticket also from New York to Luxembourg, but I cancelled it because I was expected at the Rathayatra Ceremony. Now again he says to go there sometimes in the month of August, so I am asking your opinion about this. I think if you both cooperate to receive me in Europe, that will be financially easier. And Purushottama's accompanying me is also necessary because my travelling alone is not very advisable. Besides that, he is now trained to look after me in every way, so I think when I go to Europe he must accompany me. So if you jointly make a program, that will be good for both of you, and I am also very much eager to make some propaganda work of Krishna Consciousness in Europe now.
Regarding the record you recorded with Mr. Harrison, it is very much encouraging because a record issued by the Beatles will have immediate great market, and we want only that this Hare Krishna chanting is participated in by many millions of people. Another thing is that some time back you asked me to write a personal note to the Archbishop of Canterbury, but you did not inform me what happened to this and what happened to the church negotiations for which Mr. Harrison wanted to take some personal care. I shall be very glad to hear from you about these points. Please offer my blessings to the others, especially to Janaki, who has not written to me in so long a time. I hope you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
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