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690715 - Letter to Prabhas Babu written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Prabhas Babu

1975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90034

14/2 Old China Bazar Street (Block 18)
Calcutta-1, INDIA
ATT: Sri Prabhas Babu

July 15, 1969

Dear Prabhas Babu,

I am in due receipt of your letter of July 10, 1969, along with enclosures, and I have noted the contents carefully. As you have requested, I have amended the invoices for the 260 pcs. of books, and I am enclosing the same in triplicate for you to do the needful with. One thing I must mention is that I have been informed that the mridungas which you have previously sent to us were received in defective order because the crates in which they had been packed somehow or other had become wet and therefore spoiled the quality of the instruments. I therefore request you to take precaution against this danger of water seeping through the crates by packing mridungas and all such damageable [unclear] items in tarmauline or some such protective covering before they are placed in the crates for being dispatched to the USA. We have unlimited number of instruments and other goods which we shall be needing from India, so if arrangement can be made for these goods to be sent safely and promptly, there is so much business which we shall give you.

Please inform me of what measures you shall be taking to protect our goods from the danger of water seeping in through the crates. I am awaiting your early reply.



A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Encl: Invoice in triplicate