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690327 - Letter to Jayagovinda written from Hawaii

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

March 27, 1969

My Dear Jaya Govinda,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you for your letter of March 17, 1969, and I have received the bank receipt for the money deposited there. I have received one letter from Atma Ram and Sons that they have already dispatched the books to Calcutta and handed over the R.R. receipt to you. but you have not mentioned anything about this. I hope you have the matter handled nicely.

I am in Hawaii for the last one month, then on the 31st of March I shall go to San Francisco, then to L.A., and then to N.Y. and then to Buffalo, then Boston, and then New Vrindaban. This is my present program up to the end of May. And in June I may be called by London. And if you are by that time in Germany it is possible that I shall go to see you there. Another prospect is that one Mr. Windisch and another woman Mrs. Barbara, they have become very much interested in Krishna Consciousness movement, and they have seen me while I was in Montreal. Now they are in Vancouver, and most probably they will be interested to translate my books and magazines in German language. So already there are three boys in Hamburg and when you join, four, and if the German gentleman and woman go, then you will be six altogether. So a good party for preaching Sankirtana movement. Here in almost all our centers the Sankirtana movement has proved very successful. Everywhere, especially in London, L.A., and N.Y., especially in these places the Sankirtana movement has very much become successful. Every day when they take the party in the street, market, or parks, they collect sufficiently and sell BTG quite a number. In Germany I think also the Sankirtana prospect is there.

I do not know before starting whether you intend to see Acyutananda in Vrindaban. He says that very nice pair of Deities will cost 1000 Rs. per pair, 24" high. Formerly, it was settled at 700 Rs. so if you go to Vrindaban, you can settle up the price of the Deity, 24" high, and very nicely cut, as Acyutananda has described, at maybe up to 800 Rs. Then we shall order many Deities. And at last I wish to request you once again, if you can do something to realize the 2000 Rs. from Hitsaran by seeing Dalmia and if it is not possible, then I shall have to satisfy myself without any action, because I do not think I shall go to India to realize this money. If Parvat Maharaja can help you in this, it will be very kind of him.