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681123 - Letter to Unknown written from Los Angeles

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

November 23, 1968


and I thank you very much for it. You say that you met the wife of Ravi Sankara, so if you meet again you can speak to her in this way; Sri Ravi Sankaraji is a world famous musician, and Lord Caitanya wanted to preach His mission of love of God through music and dancing. People generally welcome dancing and music very much. So he being an authority in the art of dancing and music, why not distribute this science of dance and music through the principles of Lord Caitanya. Then a great benediction will be bestowed on the human society by utilizing the art of music and dance for spiritualization of the whole world. So if he cooperates with Swamiji then we can make a combined effort for this great service to the humanity. That is our request.

At the present moment, Ravi Sankaraji may be getting huge amount of remuneration in exchange for his nice musical art, but that will be finished with the end of this body. Many men come here and by their talents, earn huge amounts of money, but it remains here, and he goes alone with his works only to accept another different kind of body, forgetting everything behind. But if he acquires some spiritual assets it goes with him, and even it is not perfect in this life, it begins again from that point in next life. So we wish that Sri Ravi Sankaraji may understand this spiritual technology, and utilize his talent for benefit of the human society. We are interested for the highest benediction of the human society, otherwise we do not expect anything from anyone in monetary consideration. Simply that these influential men come along and chant with us.

Regarding arati: There is no need to worry that you do not have sufficient time to do it many times daily, etc., simply do what you have got time for doing, that is sufficient. Our lives are devoted to Krishna's service, and you are performing kirtana so it is the same thing. So do it however you can schedule it. ACB