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680821 - Letter to Krishna devi written from Montreal

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

August 21, 1968

My Dear Krishna devi,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter dated August 1, 1968, which I received just yesterday, after the mail strike. Anyway, I am so much pleased to read the contents of the letter for your intelligent questions and many other things, and all mentioned there. The first thing is about your husband's endeavor to produce films of our activities. I very much appreciate this attempt and try to help your husband as much as possible in this matter. When you have no other engagement, at that time you can attempt to paint pictures if you have got taste for such artistic work.

I understand that you are sending $100.00 per month to Santa Fe, and I shall be glad to know for how many months, or how many installments you have sent there. Because I wanted you to send $100.00 say, for three months; I do not want that a branch should be continually maintained by other branches. Every branch should be self-dependent. Anyway I shall be glad to know how many installments you have already sent there, then I shall instruct you further. It may be that I may ask you to send me some help because my next attempt will be to start a press of our own, in New York, or in Montreal, which will cost about $5,000. I am so pleased to note that you are always ready to serve my cause and you are proper prepared to follow my instructions in the service of Lord Krishna.

Regarding the child problem: I may inform you that all our children born of the Krishna conscious parents, they are welcome and I want hundreds of children like that. Because in future we expect to change the face of the whole world, because child is the father of man. Anyway, I have seen Malati is nursing her child so nicely that she attended my meeting every day and the child was playing and she never cried. Similarly, Lilavati's child also never cries or disturbs the meeting. Lilavati was always present with her child, so it depends on the mother. How to keep the child comfortable, so that it will not cry. The child cries only when it feels uncomfortable. The child's comfort and discomfort depends on the mother's attention. So the best solution is that we should train our all first-day small babies in such a way that they are always satisfied and there will be no disturbance in the meeting, and there will be no complaint. But there cannot be any hard and fast rules that only children who are grown up, 7 or 8 years old, can be admitted and no other children can be admitted. That is not possible, and I am not going to sanction any such rule. Rather I shall welcome a baby from the very beginning, so that the transcendental vibration may enter into its ear, and from the very beginning of its life, it becomes purified. But of course, the children cannot be allowed to disturb in the meeting by crying; and that is the mother's responsibility to keep them comfortable, and not to disturb the meeting.

Regarding your question about Cintamani dham, I may inform you that all the planets in the spiritual world is known as Cintamani dhama (BS 5.29). And Goloka Vrndavana is one of the planets. Regarding the Queens of Dvaraka, mostly they were devotees, and some of them descended from the Vaikuntha planets, or they were manifestation from Goddess of Fortune, Laksmi.

The lump of iron stone which was delivered by Samba, the members of the Yadu family wanted to destroy it, by rubbing on a stone, and the pulp made out of the stone gridded down on the bank of a river, and gradually it grew into log. So at the end all the members of the Yadu family when they were fighting, took advantage of the log and beat one another and thus the whole family was dead and gone.

Your humbleness in the matter of becoming my disciple is very much appreciated by me, and keep this mentality, always, and you will be happy and advance in Krishna Consciousness. With all my blessings, I beg to remain

your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami