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680819 - Letter to Balai and Advaita written from Montreal

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

August 19, 1968

My Dear Balai dasi and Advaita das,

Please accept my blessings. It was so kind of you that you have sent me a Birthday cake, and you will be pleased to know that Govinda dasi and her husband Gaurasundara, decorated the bread with nice different kinds of candles, and it was offered to Krishna and then I enjoyed the bread, part of it, and the rest was distributed to the devotees. It was very nice. The other day they performed my Birthday Anniversary, very decently, there were good gathering and people appreciated. And before that, there was Janmastami, at night all the Indians here, they joined and they contributed also liberally. So here the news are very good, as you have in NY and the London party they are proceeding to NY today and will reach there and stay for a few days, and then will go to London. Give them hearty send-off and good wishes.

I again thank you for your nice cake.

So far your work is concerned, now I am serious about starting a press as soon as possible, and because there is no other alternative, we must have a good press. So I have already advised about these things to Uddhava, and he will inform you. And I have also advised Purusottama that he trains somewhat in taking photographs, and some of the girl students, especially Annapurna, she knows how to use typographic machine, and her future husband, Ananda, he has also some idea of press work. So, and your wife Balai dasi, she has also some knowledge in typewriting, so I do not think there is any difficulty for conducting a press, and we must do it as soon as possible. Uddhava suggested that to start a complete press, it will require about $5000.00 so I think Krishna will arrange to supply the necessary money, but you should try to start the press as soon as possible. Of course, in Montreal there is sufficient place, and more students are coming here, being chased by the draftboard, under the circumstances, if it would have been possible to have a nice press here, then we could engage all the draft-age boys in the press work. But you say that NY is the best place, so we must start the press in the best place. That is first consideration, and Krishna will give us all strength, and printing of Bhagavatam and other Vaisnava literature is my life and soul, so press is the biggest mrdanga, recognized by my Guru Maharaja, so I shall request you to qualify yourself for such work as soon as possible, and with Krishna's Name, let us start it as soon as possible.

Thanking you once more for sending me the nice letter and cake and offer my blessings to all other students, including your good wife, Hope you and Balai dasi are both well.

Your ever well-wisher,