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680707 - Letter to Mangalaniloy written from Montreal

Letter to Mangalniloy Brahmachari

3720 Park Avenue; Montreal , Quebec, Canada

July 7, 1968

My Dear Mangalniloy Brahmachari,

Please accept my blessings. I hope everything is well with you. I do not know where you are now staying, but I hope this letter will reach you. When I was in India there was some talks with you about your coming to this part of the world, but the difficulty was that even I had sincere desire to sponsor you, and if I sponsor your coming here through my society, the government of India would not allow you either the passport or travelers exchange. At the present stage, sponsoring is possible only if I guarantee to pay your expenditure so long you shall remain in the foreign country. My society will not agree to spend so much money for anyone whom they do not know. I was thinking about you since I have come back this time to this country, how to get you here, because there is ample possibilities for preaching Krishna Consciousness movement all over western world now, because the people are wanting something real spiritual life. Unfortunately, so-called swamis and yogis come in this part of the world and they exploit people and then go away. So the government here is also not very optimistic of such kind of swamis. But in spite of all difficulties, there is ample possibility of spreading pure devotional service of the Lord, or Krishna Consciousness movement, all over the western world.

If you want to come here, then I shall have to arrange for your return ticket (round the world) which will cost $1200.00 or in Indian exchange, Rs. 12,000/-. Similarly, if we guarantee for your stay here for 6 months, that will also cost you at least $200.00 per month, which means another Rs. 12,000/-. If you, however, can arrange to spend this Rs. 24,000/- then it may be possible that I can arrange for your sponsoring and sending you a return ticket. On hearing from you we can think of further procedure in this connection. I hope you will reply this letter forth with and oblige. Hoping you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

<noiwki>*</nowiki> [unclear] [handwritten]

Sri Mangalniloy Brahmachari
Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math
35 Satish Mukhergee Road
Kalighat Calcutta-26, INDIA

P.S. I sent one letter to [Unclear] recently but I have received no reply from him. [handwritten]