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680614 - Letter to Himavati written from Montreal

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Letter to Himavati (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Himavati (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami
Acharya: International Society For Krishna Consciousness

          3720 Park Avenue
          Montreal 18, Quebec, Canada

DATED .June..14,..........................196..8

My Dear Himavati,

Please accept my blessings. And offer the same to your good husband. I was so glad to receive the two caps which are very nicely made fitting to my skull, and I am enjoying it everyday in the morning, and when I walk on the street they all look at me due to your cap. Not only your cap but also I am enjoying the shirt made by you. And Lord Jaggannatha is also enjoying similarly with cap and ghagara . So Krishna has given you a very good talent and you are sewing expert.

Regarding Kirtan party, I find that the Montreal temple is very suitable for training. So I am trying in Canada for visa, and if it is successful then I shall call you both, husband and wife, for beginning a training class of Kirtan. In the meantime ask your husband to accumulate some money on this account because my next program is to proceed to London with a Kirtan party. It is my duty to help you always in the matter of understanding Krishna Consciousness and whatever I am trying to bestow upon you all is the gift of Lord Krishna directly--I am just doing the work of a bearer. There is nothing of my personal contribution and I ask all your mercy so that I may be able to distribute Krishna's message as it is without any deviation. That will make Krishna, myself, and all others eternally happy. It is so nice, sublime and easy to perform.

Teaching the girls to sew nicely is also a very good idea. Take some Indian samples from Purushottam and try to make exactly like that so that we may make very good profit for the society. Our society requires millions of dollars for propaganda work, but Krishna has made us financially poor. I think it is good to remain financially poor because always we shall be able to pray Krishna, asking His help to execute His service. If all of a sudden we become very strong financially, Maya may dictate us for sense enjoyment, and we may fall a prey to her tactics. Therefore to remain poor is one of the qualifications for advancing in Krishna Consciousness. Our predecessors, the Goswamis, they voluntarily gave up everything for advancement in Krishna Consciousness. We do not require any money for our personal account, we shall always be happy with anything Krishna is happy to supply us for maintenance, but for the preaching purposes, we can accommodate to receive all the riches of the world. So let us try with sincerity, and Krishna will help us in the matter of our advancing the cause of Krishna Consciousness.

Yes, you can teach the Brahmacarinis sewing very nicely, and it will be a great help to the society. Of course, if they can remain Brahmacharinis, it is nice. But it is difficult also. It is not good for the Brahmacharinis to associate with householders; similarly it is not good also for the Brahmacharinis to mix with Brahmacharies, but in your country the boys and girls are accustomed to mix freely. Therefore, we cannot put any deadline restriction. In my opinion, if the boys and girls get themselves married just like ideal Vaishnav householders, that is very good. But, if by the Grace of Krishna, both the girls and boys can live separately, that is still better, but it is not possible. If it is possible to divert the whole attention for Krishna's service it is quite possible to remain single even for the whole life. So you have got now good engagement so remain engaged in that work and train the Brahmacharinis also, chant Hare Krishna and pull on your sewing machine.

There is no need of separation. Live together and train up your mind, that is all. Artificial separation is never recommended. And when you see, living together, you have no desire for sense gratification, then that is the highest stage of perfection. Voluntary restraint is tapasya, austerity, and this is possible with advancement of Krishna Consciousness. Artificial separation is foolishness. We recommend voluntary restraint, not artificial separation. So you should understand that there is no objection to live together as husband and wife. The tendency is there, it is natural. But if one can check it, that is very good. But it is not compulsory. And not to be checked artificially, but with advancement of strength in Krishna Consciousness.

Yes, to call one another prabhu is all right, but not to become prabhu. To accept others as prabhu, and remain as servant is the idea. But because somebody is calling you prabhu, one should not become a prabhu, and treat others as servants. In other words, everyone should feel himself as servant, and not to think himself prabhu because he is being called prabhu. This will make the relationship congenial.

Hoping you are both well.

Your ever well-wisher,
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