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680510 - Letter to Dayananda written from Boston

Letter to Dayananda

Tridandi Goswami
AC Bhaktivedanta Swmai
Acharya: International Society For Krishna Consciousness

          95 Glenville Avenue
          Allston, Mass. 02134

DATED May..10,.......................1968..

My Dear Dayananda,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your check which I beg to acknowledge receipt herewith. I am so pleased to learn that [unclear] constantly trying to follow my instructions. Of course, I have no particular instructions, save and except the instructions which I have also heard from my Spiritual Master. So all instructions in the disciplic succession directly comes from the Supreme Person. Therefore to follow the instructions of a [handwritten] Spiritual Master is to follow the instructions of the Supreme Person. And as soon as we are accustomed to this habit, then all our misgivings of material existence are over. Your ambition for chanting Hare Krishna exclusively is very good. But sacrificing the results of action is as good. A concrete example is Arjuna. He fought very chivalrously under the instructions of the Lord, and the Lord certified him to be the best devotee and friend of the Lord. So there is no distinction between chanting and offering the results of one's activity. Sometimes under the garb of chanting people take to the habit of laziness, which is not required at all. Execution of devotional service is prescribed first with enthusiasm and patience. One can execute this transcendental activities staying as he is, but he must follow and try to apply in practical life the instructions as they are given in the Bhagavad Gita or Srimad-Bhagwatam, received through the proper channel.

I thank you once more for your progress, in the matter of Krishna Consciousness, and I shall always pray to Krishna for your steady progress more and more, along with your nice wife. Hope you are all three well.

Your ever well-wisher,

c/o Michael R. Wright
900 Ocean Boulevard #S-10
Juno Beach, Florida