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680505 - Letter to Gargamuni written from Boston

Letter to Gargamuni (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Gargamuni (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami

95 Glenville Avenue
Allston, Mass. 02134
May 5, 1968

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your very nice letter dated 4/27/68, and the sentiments expressed in that letter by you gives me more pleasure that you are appreciating the importance of our movement. I am sure that you must appreciate like that because I am always of opinion that both you and your elder brother are the result of a good mother. So I very much appreciate both yours and your brother's activities and it appears that both of you were in your previous birth advanced in this line of Krishna Consciousness, and here is another chance to complete it. So by the Grace of Krishna you have got good intelligence, you are born of a great nation, and good family; just utilize the opportunity to finish the business of Krishna Consciousness, without waiting for further incarnation. Srimad Bhagwatam says that we should try for the highest achievement, and complete it before the next death comes. I think that your separation from Karunamayee is Krishna's desire. So don't be sorry for it. In this connection I may tell you my personal life experience. When I was married at the age of 21 with a wife who was only 11 years old, practically I did not like my wife. And as I was at that time very young man, and an educated college student, I wanted to marry again, in spite of my wife being present. Because amongst the Hindus one can accept more than one wife (of course the law is now changed). So, whenever everything was all ready for my marriage with another girl, my great father who was a great devotee of the Lord, called me and instructed me in the following words:

"My dear boy, I understand that you are trying to get yourself married again, but I would advise you not to do this. It is Krishna's Grace that your present wife is not just according to your liking. This will help you not to become attached with wife and home, and this will help you in the matter of your future advancement of Krishna Consciousness."

Now, I accepted my father's advice, and by his blessings, only, I was never attached to my wife or home which resulted in my complete liberation from worldly attachment and devote myself fully in Krishna Consciousness. Therefore I think your separation from Karunamayee is also the same opportunity for your being cent per cent engaged in Krishna Consciousness.

I thank you very much for your check of $50.00, and I am very glad to learn that you are already in possession of a nice storeroom for exhibiting your sellable goods. There are samples of pictures in the temple there, and whichever picture you like, to have in your store, I shall advise Jadurany to dispatch for selling purposes.

Yesterday your brother Brahmananda accompanied by Mr. Kallman and Purushottam came here and I understand that you had telephone conversation with him. He is also doing nice business of the same line as you are doing. I have advised your brother as well as I advise you to get experience of the articles that are nicely selling and then you may directly import them from India.

You have got some infection, and I am very much anxious about your cyst pain. I do not know what is the actual position but if it is ordinary, then I think a little painting of Sloan's Liniment may reduce the painful reaction. But if it is within the skin then you have to consult some physician, but you can try by applying Sloan's Liniment, and before applying the liniment you can foment by heating some soft pad in hot water, and apply on the spot. After heating you can apply Sloan's Liniment. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Please keep me informed.

Your ever well-wisher,

518 Frederick Street
San Francisco, Cal. 94117

[all handwritten] P.S. Regarding church negotiations, Mr. Kallman's letter of assurance shall be the last word from us. They must reply it now yes or no. If "yes" then take in writing and send it to me. If "no" then take back the check for $1000.00; there is no need of lingering the matter. Please inform Jaiananda and Chidananda about my opinion in this connection. Please let me know the result by return post.