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680113 - Letter to Jadurani written from Los Angeles

Letter to Jadurany

My Dear Jadurany,

Please accept my blessings. I thank you for your nice letters of Jan. 11, and 13. I thank you for your kind appreciation for the tapes received there. Also, thank you that you are trying to organize all the artists, and doing so nicely. No, there is no color picture of Lord Chaitanya's birthplace and temple at Mayapur. You can color with your choice. Yes, try at your convenience to paint pictures from the Bhagavat statement, in terms of the purport and explanation.

So long we have got materialistic view the serpent is fierce. When Prahlad Maharaj saw Lord Nrsinghadev, he was not at all afraid of the fierceful feature of the Lord. The big jaws and nails of the Lord Nrsinghadev and fiery tongue of the Lord, and gigantic Lion's Head did not create any fierceful havoc before Prahlad Maharaj. He said, "My Dear Lord, I am not afraid of this your fierceful feature, but I am afraid of the repeated cycle of birth and death in the material existence." That instruction is very valuable. In our material existence, we are always in dangerous and fierceful condition, but by the spell of Maya, we do not take it very seriously. The Serpent-like feature of the Lord is another expansion of the Lord, to provide His Place on the Ocean. He is not at all fierceful to the devotees.

Yes, the ecstasy of separation of Spiritual Master is even greater ecstasy than meeting with Him.

Please continue your excellent service and I will always be so pleased with your sincere service, as I am so much happy with you. Hope you are well, and I hope your injured thumb is now fully recovered.

Your ever well-wisher,