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671216 - Letter to Krishna devi written from San Francisco

Letter to Krishna devi

518 Frederick Street, San Francisco. Calif 94117                   Telephone:564-6670


December 16, 1967
My Dear Daughter Krishna devi,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to know that Krishna did not allow you to do something that was not His plan. Krishna wanted that both you and your husband must be engaged in organizing nice center. Jayananda is unique devotee. He paid you sincerely and therefore as soon as you reached Santa Fe you found out a good place better than the former place. Please utilize your energy in this good task as I am sure success is awaiting you.

If there is labor cheap you can organize there some incense manufacturing concern. I wish that in every center we shall now manufacture incense very good quality. The only thing you have to assured to get the splinters or the thin sticks. If you think it will be possible to get, then immediately start the work. The ingredients are the splinters, charcoal, starch or gum and essential oils. It will be very lucrative business and the profits will be sufficient to maintain the center once you begin the work. I will give you many business ideas by which you can accumulate nice profits. For business four things are required. Namely place, labor, capital and organization. For incense we have already organization. Little capital you are gathering. The poverty place means you can get cheap labor and the place you have already in your possession. Guidance, I am present. So do it immediately and there will be no scarcity of money. I hope you understand me right.

Be an ideal couple of husband and wife in your country. Be Krishna Conciousness by full cooperation of husband and wife and you be happy both in this and the next life also. Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,