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670923 - Letter to Rayarama written from Delhi

Letter to Rayrama


Copy of letter received in Boston

My dear Rayrama,
Please accept my blessings. I think by this time you have gone to Boston. In your letter I understand that you have taken the matter of Back To Godhead in your heart. I've received news from other centers that BTG is now in demand and your idea for publishing 5000 copies is very encouraging. The news which we are publishing in Back to Godhead has certainly a novel presentation to the people in the western world who are hankering after spiritual enlightenment. So if you continue to write articles on the basis of BG and SB certainly they will appeal to the core of the hearts of all human beings and surely they will respond. So, continue the policy scrupulously and you will be successful. Since I'm here I have not seen a single copy, although I've heard from; many sources of its improvement. I'm also anxious to know whether the advertisement of Scindia delegation is published.
Yesterday morning I sent Kirtanananda to London with a letter of introduction to Miss D.C. Bowtell 27 Cornhurst Road London NW 2 Basurey Gaudiya Math. I hope this lady who is supposed to be a Gaudiya Vaisnava will receive him well there and there is possibility to start a center there. You were to start for London by the beginning of November, if Miss B gives us her cooperation and Kirtanananda is successful in his mission you will reach there timely and on receipt of a favorable report myself and Achyutananda may also go.