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670922 - Letter to Brahmananda written from Delhi

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Letter to Brahmananda (Page 1 of 2)
(Note from Achyutananda)
Letter to Brahmananda (Page 2 of 2)
(Note from Achyutananda)

September 22, 1967 [handwritten]
My Dear Brahmananda,
I am in due receipt of your letters of the 16th and 2nd of Sep. As you are all feeling my separation, similarly I'm also anxious to return as soon as possible. I think I'm fit to go back to your country at present and as scheduled previously I'm sure by the end of October. I must be fit to return, but before this there are many things to be done. I'm not yet assured of the permanent visa. The best thing will be that from each center an invitation should be sent that my presence is urgently required. Regarding the American House, as I told you previously, I'm trying to get a nice house in Vrindaban and unless I'm sure of that I cannot advise anyone to come here incurring so much expenditure and undergoing so much trouble. Students at Swami Bon Maharaj, can come only if they are very much eager and serious about study. He has already given me a letter that 10 students can be accommodated with food and rooms. In this connection Achyutananda wishes to submit a report by practical experience. Presently I'm very much anxious to begin printing here if Macmillan company does not take up the work. Please therefore let me know yes or no from Macmillan; if he is serious or not, then immediately send the manuscripts, finished or not, to the following address:Pundit Hitsaran Sharma c/o Dalmia Enterprises, Scindia House, New Delhi. After dispatching let me know and I shall do the needful.
If possible I think you should personally go to Washington and see Mr. Nerhu for my permanent visa. If my permanent visa is made then I shall be very happy to return. Please arrange for this by all means. Please take up the matter seriously as it can be effected. Mr. Ipsitanti has simply taken money.[handwritten] It is so hard to get a sincere lawyer. To summarize the whole thing I beg to state that the following items are most important: 1, Permanent visa. 2, Final decision of MacMillan.
Kirtanananda has already gone back this morning. I have given him an introductory letter to London. In this connection much money [handwritten] have been spent from the building fund. If he gets a favourable response then Rayrama may join him there and when he goes, then I shall go. I think I'm now fit to travel and Krishna will give me strength. I'm glad to hear that Gargamuni is out of the hospital and things are going nicely. Hope you are all well.

Your ever well wisher,
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N.B. I requested the monthly subscription of 10$ from each center may be deposited in my a/c in New York when it is $100.00 then I shall get it here by fast motion. Kindly let me know if it has been done now. I have received only $10.00 from Boston centre. [handwritten]
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