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670524 - Letter to Sripad Narayana Maharaja written from New York

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

May 24, 1967

"Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatho"

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
26 Second Avenue
Apt. # BIR
New York, N.Y. 1003 USA
D/ May 24, 1967.

Sripad Narayana Maharaja,

Accept my dandavats. I received your letter dated 19.5.67 and became very happy to read it. I always consider you as my son! But I was very hurt to read a part of your letter which had in it some harsh words. But now I have forgiven you just as a father forgives his son. I always have a very high opinion of you. If I ever chastise you with harsh words, you tolerate it thinking that I am your old father. If I ever advise you, you shouldn't think it to be unwanted. Rather, it will be auspicious for you. In the house, if the father and son quarrel, it does not break the relationship between them.

After receiving your letter, I request that you first go to Delhi and get all the books packed. If you are late going to Delhi, then you should write to the manager of the temple, Sriman Sri Krsna Pandit, 4092 Kuncha Dilwali Singh Ajmer Gate, Delhi 6, and let him know you are coming. Mention in the letter the date on which you will arrive there.

In the context of your receiving money late, I have written to Sriman Vrndavana in Calcutta to come to you with money. If he comes then there is no need to spend his money but out of the Rs 2250 I sent to you, the expenses of coming to Delhi, staying there and packing the books in a box, can be met. That means that up to a maximum of Rs 300 only can be spent in Delhi. After getting the books packed, please send these goods to Howrah Station by freight train-marking them FREIGHT PAID. Send the railway receipt by registered post to:

M/S United Shipping Corp
14/2 Old China Bazaar St
No. 18. Calcutta 1

They are our shipping agents. I have received their letter dated March 27, 1967 asking us to send the books to Howrah and to send the railway receipt to them along with a list of the books. (When writing to them please mention about their letter). Whatever instructions I have given to you in my previous letters about work to do in Delhi, please take care of it. There is no need to buy the musical instruments. There is a very good musical instrument company in Calcutta. M/S. Dwarkin and Son. The money has to be sent to him. Keep only Rs 800/- with you for spending and the rest of the Rs 1850/- deposit in my account either in Vrndavana or Delhi.

Vrndavana - Punjab National Bank A/C no. Savings Fund 2913 or Delhi - The Bank of Baroda Limited, Chandni Chowk S-A A/C no. 1452 After finishing the work in Delhi and depositing the money, kindly write me a letter. I will then make a separate check to Dwarkin and Son, they will arrange to send the musical instruments.

Six months ago I sent Trivikrama Maharaja Rs 200/-to buy a mrdanga and karatalas, but I don't know why he still has not sent them. I will be very grateful if you can send him a reminder letter.

About Vinoda Kumara, this is the situation. In his first letter he did not reveal his mind clearly. Then later he asked for Rs 800/-for clothes for himself, and said he wanted to stay as a music master. He refused to wear kunti-mala and tilaka. If he speaks like this before he comes here-who knows what he will ask for afterwards, that will not be within our capacity to supply him.

I am trying to build the characters of these American boys, who are lakhs times more tarpan(servants of their own senses) than Indian boys. Then if an Indian boy enters this situation and also serves his own senses it will not make the atmosphere very peaceful. I had to leave my own family and children because I was unable to tolerate seeing them remain servants of their senses. All the American children who are staying with me have shaved their heads, have mala and tilaka and always follow my orders. As soon as they see me they do dandavat pranamas (obeisances). All the work is done very peacefully. In this situation, if an Indian boy, especially a disciple from our sampradaya, doesn't wear mala and tilaka and doesn't agree to wear the robes of a brahmacari-it will not make a peaceful atmosphere. I don't want such a thing.

If Vinoda Kumara is ready to come here and live in my style, and follow my orders for six months, and if I then understand he is capable of running a musical school, I may open a musical class for him. The society will spend everything for him. That's enough of this talk for now. Especially if one comes with a visitor's visa, he is not allowed to earn money as I have told you before. To make a visa for a musical teacher is not very difficult. With the help of the society, it can be made even after coming here. He must discuss and consider all of these points and then he can come. Otherwise the society is unable to welcome him. The society wants to say that he should have written all of these details before. Now do whatever you think is correct. Whatever we want to say from our side is written in the Appointment Letter. If you have not seen that, please see one. I hope everything is well. I am waiting for your reply.

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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