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670314 - Letter to Brahmananda written from San Francisco

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518 Frederick Street
San Francisco, California,
March 14, 1967

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my thanks and blessings of Lord Krishna for your letter of the 12th instant describing your meeting with Maya the illusory energy and combating her by Krishna consciousness. In future if any one challenges our philosophy one may put his questions in writing and must be prepared to receive the answers from human understanding. We cannot talk with any one who is not within the purview of human understanding. You are completely right when you refuse to debate and accept invitation for chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Although we should not chant in a society which is disruptive but as soon as one invites us for chanting we take it for granted that they are friendly and we must take the opportunity.

A female is never awarded the order of Sannyasam. Because a female is never considered independent and Sannyasam was never awarded to any female in the past by the great Acharyas like Samkara, Ramanuja etc. The female Sannyasins are to be immediately understood as pretenders or prostitutes. In India they have organized so many organizations where specially young females are maintained to attract rich women-hunters who pretend to pose as righteous in the society. This is the age of Kali which plunders away spiritual sense of the human being and it is only the Divine Grace of Lord Chaitanya Who can protect us from all these dangerous pitfalls. You were not agitated by unfavourable criticism and yet you chanted Hare Krishna Mahamantra that is the way of chanting Hare Krishna. I thank you very much for this for-bearance. I am very glad to note that you can know the foolishness of the modern society in spiritual understanding and I thank you very much for your appreciation of my association. This association is disciplic and as such all thanks are due to Lord Krishna who infuses His powers through the bonafide disciplic succession.

But I am very sorry to learn that Mr. Taylor is still playing in his own way. I do not know why. If the financier is paying him all cash what is the cause of delay. We have already handed over the amount and if things are still lingered in such a way it becomes really disturbing. I shall be glad to hear from you how things are taking place. In your last letter I was given to understand that while signing the agreement Mr. Taylor was not present. This was something like marriage performances without the bridegroom.............

[text missing]

In your last letter you informed me that you are going take possession of the house immediately. I hope you are going to do so and I may inform you that the possession must be taken on or before the 26th March 1967 because that is the day of Lord Caitanya's birthday. You shall observe Lord Caitanya's birth day as follows:

1. The picture of Lord Caitanya with His party should be nicely decorated with flowers and garlands and Sankirtana should be performed regularly from Morning to evening. Just after seeing the Full Moon on the sky the days fast should be broken. I mean the devotees should observe fasting the whole day. In the evening the devotees should take food as in the Ekadasi days.

2. The next day you can celebrate feasting on account of Lord Caitanya's appearance and read about His life as given shortly in my Srimad-Bhagavatam and you can read also from the teachings of Lord Caitanya part of which is going to be published in the present issue of Back to Godhead.

If the psychedelic men want to sell our Visnu pictures you can charge them at least $50.00 for each picture. For display you lend them one only returnable on demand. We require many pictures as painted by Jadurani for decorating the lecture-hall in the new building. You will be glad to learn that here also we have got another Jadurani whose name is Govinda Dasi wife of Gaura Sunder. Both the husband and the wife are good artist and they have printed a very nice picture of Radha Krishna.

I am glad to learn that Donald has purchased Prof. Sanyal's book Krishna Caitanya. Late Prof. N. K. Sanyal was my Godbrother and his book Krishna Caitanya is approved and authoritative. Keep it very carefully and we may publish in Back to Godhead some articles from the book. It will help us a great deal because my Spiritual Master has given His approval to this book.* Please keep it carefully and when I return I shall see to it.

I shall be glad to hear from you when you are going to take possession of the house. Inform all friends there that I wish that we may enter the house on or before the 26th March 1967. You have done right by removing the pictures which deal in Gopis and Krishna. They are never for public show. They are very confidential and meant for advanced devotees who know Krishna fairly well. The neophytes will be misguided by such pictures. I hope you will understand me right.

With my blessings for you all.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

*The picture of my Spiritual Master in the book may be painted in color by Jadurani: this will be another type of picture of my Spiritual Master.