670311 - Letter to Ramananda Bhaktisindhu written from San Francisco

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Letter to Ramananda Bhaktisindhu

International Society for
Krishna Conciousness Inc
518 Frederick Street, San Francisco

March 11, 1967

My dear Sripada Ramananda Prabhu,

Kindly accept my humble dandabats. I am in due receipt of your kind letter dated March 3, 1967. I can understand your difficulty for the work I wanted to entrust upon you. But I shall be much pleased if you kindly introduce to me some good presses who can take up the work. To print my books in U.S.A. is five to ten times more expensive than in India. I therefore want to get the books printed in a first class press in India. So if you can send me some names of first class press it will be very kind of you.

I am enclosing herewith one letter for Sripada Sar Maharaj which will speak for itself. The certificate is urgently required per return of post. The thing is that I have to go to Canada Montreal next month to open the third Branch there. But as soon as I leave the borders of U.S.A., my Visa for this country will automatically cancelled. Then I will have ask for new Visa to enter U.S.A. which may be delayed for formalities. I am therefore trying for permanent visa and for that purpose the certificate is necessary. I have also written to other Godbrother Sannyasins because such certificate is necessary.

If Sripada Sar Maharaj is not in the station or if there is no chance of meeting him immediately, then I shall request you to send me certificate in your official form and signed by you as Secretary.

I hope you will treat this as urgent and oblige. Hope you are well.

Yours affectionately,


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

His Grace Sripada Ramananda Bhaktisindhu
Gaudiya Sangha (Regd)
23 Doctor Lane, Calcutta-14