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580728 - Letter to Ved Prakash written from Bombay

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Bombay office:
93, Narayan Dhoru Street
Bombay-3 D/28/7/58.

My dear Sri Ved Prakash Ji,
With reference to my interview with you yesterday, I beg to inform you that the cause of our difference of opinion is based on the fact that you have got your own opinion in the matter of Preaching our spiritual culture in the foreign countries but so far I am concerned I am conducted by the order of a superior authority and liberated person. My spiritual master Om Visnupada Sri Sri Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Maharaj wanted it and just trying to serve Him without any personal whim.

If you would have co-operated with me you could do so for the satisfaction of spiritual master as abovementioned and that was a chance to serve a real representative of the Lord. I was glad to hear your regard for the world preachers like Christ etc and I can see in you a desire for real service to the suffering men. Here is a chance for you and if you like you can utilise this opportunity for your as well as many other's benefit. It is not imagination nor self compliance but it is fact. I found you a good soul and therefore I did propose it to you but if you refuse co-operation then what I can do. Even Sri Krishna cannot compel one for co-operation because every living being is given full chance of utilising independant views. The human form of life although temporary it has a great value for utilising for the service of the Supreme. The Supreme is everything but everything is not the Supreme. The stomach can digest foodstuff for all the sense organs but all the parts of the body is not the stomach. This philosophy of Achinta Vedaveda Tatwa was preached by Lord Caitanya for world welafre. It is our duty to help its practical preaching by all efforts. Nobody is competent to interpret on the Shastras by one's whim. It is science it has to be learnt from the proper sources. Shri Krishna is not a man in flesh and blood and His Lila was not meant for interpretation by any mundane scholar. There is way to learn it and unless we have it our energy will be spoiled only by attending any layman's hypocrisy. I had a mind to say you something about it but you have denied my co-operation and I have nothing to say about it. I hope you will think over this in your leisure hours and oblige. Thanks.
Yours faithfully,

Shri Ved Prakash
Warden House     1st Floor
Sir P.M. Road, Bombay, I. [text missing]