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551225 - Letter to Sirs written from Delhi

Letter to Sirs (First Part) (Text missing from beginning and end)
Letter to Sirs (Second Part)

December 25, 1955

Names of the Executive members of the Delhi section of the League of Devotees.

(1) Rai Bahadur Pandit Narain Das, 21 Pusha Road, N. Delhi
(2) Rai Sahale Seth Girdharilal, Bag Diwar, Delhi
(3) Seth Baseswar Natha, 9 Barkhnkakau Road, N. Delhi
(4) Sat Narayana Gurvala, Malibara, Delhi [Text missing]
(5) Rai Sahale Ram Saran Das, 11 Ramanagar, N. Delhi
(6) Shri Makhanlal Gupta, [unclear] ___, Delhi
(7) Shri Bipin Chandra Misra
(8) Lala Maha Sankar, Ramanagar.
(9) Pandit A.C. Bhaktivedanta
(10) Lala Mohanlal Advocate. c/o Girohilal
(11) Shri Ram Prakash, [unclaer] ___, Chawn Bazar
(12) Shri Direndra Kumar, Siddhomal & Sons, Chawn Bazar

Dear Sirs,
With reference to the inaugural meeting of the Delhi section of the League on 22/12/55 the gentlemen named above have been selected to be the executive members. The immediate program of work is to find out some suitable place for the central office as also to provide the place of residence for the workers.

When I was at Jhansi, I was provided with a big palatial building to live in associated with 40 workers who are being trained up for intinerary preaching work. The expenses were about Rs 1000/- per month. I approached the Govt for help but even after one year no definite decision could be arrived at by the Govt and the matter is still pending. Jhansi was a poor place & I shifted to Delhi.

My associates were therefore disbursed & I came to Delhi to give it a new life. Delhi is the only centre where from this cultural movement could immediately be given effect because it is the centre of international political, social educational & cultural movements. What I want to do immediately are as follows:—

(1) To hold consecutive meetings at different Mohallus & houses of Delhi for impressing the ideas of the mission.
(2) To give training to at least 7 to 10 educated young men in the "parampara lessons of Bhagavad-gita" and then to "Brahma Sutra," Bhagavata & Chaitanya Charitamrta
(3) To publish an English monthly paper to sell specially to the English knowing heads of the society and to get printed some relative literatures [unclear] __.

A meeting of the executives has to be called for discussing the above subjects but before doing so I wish that you all gentlemen may kindly fill up the typed membership forms enclosed herewith—so that following your foot prints other members of the public may [text missing] __ members of this institution in large numbers.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

For the League of Devotees (Reg. J.S.)

A.C. Bhaktivedanta
Founder Secretary

To [unclear] __ of the following immediately

(1) Letter Heading (English)
(2) Visiting Cards (English)
(3) Japa Appeal (English & Hindi)
(4) Membership forms (English & Hindi)
(5) Rubber Stamps