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550919 - Letter to Gosvami Maharaja written from Delhi

Letter to Gosvami Maharaja (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Gosvami Maharaja (Page 2 of 2)


New Delhi

My dear Sripad Gosvami Maharaj,
Please accept my respectful obeisances. I hope in the meantime you have received my last letter. This day I had been to the office of the Director of Postal Service along with our friend Sri Horendra Natha Shome and Sripad Akincana Maharaj. Some of the would be customers whose addresses were given for registration denied to be our paid subscribers and this was against the registration certificate. We had some talks with the Asst. Director who was a perfect gentleman. Heron Babu being one of them he told that he is also a customer. When he wrote in black and white his version the Director agreed to register it and I am glad to inform you this day our 'Sri Sajjanatoshani Patrik' is registered in the postal department as a monthly newspaper under registration No.D797. Just on the way I dropped in at the Kapoor Art Press and I gave him the No. for printing on the cover. Our posting date has been fixed up on the 26th and 27th inst. I do not know if the press will be able to finish the job by that date. I have already given him the pressure and I shall see that it is duly published by the above date and posted. If not then we will have to make another application for changing the date of posting.
I understand that you have written to Sripad Akincana Maharaj to print the paper 500 only for September. In this connection I asked the press if they will reduce the charges for this less number of printing. He said that the charges will be same. I think that we should print it as usual i.e. 1000. Akincana Maharaj has secured contribution of three reams of paper (24lbs) and the postal charges will be only 1/4th of the last month. So why for the matter of saving some papers we shall not print the full number. In my opinion we should print more than 1000 copies every month and distribute them in large scale. I think you will reconsider the matter and let me know your further opinion. The printing will begin from day after tomorrow and you will kindly reply this just on receipt of it.
I hope by the time this letter reaches you you have had returned from Navadvipa. Hope you are well.
Yours affectionately,