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490901 - Letter to Gita Mandir Trust written from Calcutta

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[All Handwritten]
1st September, 1949

Shree Gita mandir Trust,
Gita Mandir Road,

Dear Sir,
I am so much obliged to your kindly conveying the blessings of Reverend Swamiji 108 Sri Srimad Vidyanandji Maharaj.

I am very glad to learn that your program for preaching in the foreign countries, is still under consideration. I beg to submit herewith my missionary views in respect of preaching Bhagwat Geeta and I shall be glad to know the reaction of your association in respect of my views:

I believe that practical solution of world unrest is lying in the transcendental message of Sri Krishna the Personality of Godhead as given by Him lately in the Bhagwat Geeta.

In this sacred philosophical discourse the Supreme Godhead declares Himself as the begetting father, who impregnates the seeds of living entities in the womb of Mother Nature who in turn gives birth to all varieties of living entities or species. So the plain truth is that the Supreme Godhead the Father, The Nature material is the mother and all living entities are so many children of Almighty Father Godhead, and the mother nature. The whole arrangement is just a family unit, and we should wonder as to why there is so much anomaly in this great universal family unit.

The answer for this is also given in the Bhagwat Geeta. It is said that there are two classes of men in the creation. One class is called the Devas (godly) and the other class is called the Asura (demonic or godless). As sons of the almighty Father Supreme Godhead, all individual living individuals have their respective independence. One can utilize this god-gifted independence properly or improperly.

When a living entity improperly uses god-gifted independence and apply such independence for sense-gratification without fulfilling the will or the plan of Godhead, he at once develops the demonic qualities in contact with the illusory Energy of Godhead and becomes a full-fledged Asura. But one who do not misuse the God gifted independence and does not engage himself in the act of sense-gratification but fulfills the plan of the Godhead, continues to be a Deva or godly. In this act of sense-gratification the Asura children of Godhead forgets the plan of Godhead and therefore tries to exploit the state of Godhead for their own benefit which is sometime centralized but sometimes extended. The gods or the godly sons of Godhead do not act like this and they are therefore distinguished from the Ashuras.

The mother Nature or, the Material Energy of Godhead is, as she should naturally be, the most faithful mistress of Godhead. She does not tolerate the exploitative motive of the Asura children of Her and for this she has to assume the role of Daiva Maya and takes at once Her grim trident and inflicts the weapon in the very heart of the asura although the latter is for own son. The Asura is thus subjected to three-fold miseries and this is done according to the plan of Godhead. The mother Nature, therefore chastises her disobedient sons in order to bring them to the right path of fulfilling the plan of Godhead. This process of chastisement is necessary for the benefit of both the asuras and the gods alike. Such process re-establishes the plan of Godhead. The asuras however when turned to act according to the plan of Godhead, at once become a God. When the Asura becomes a God the angry mode of Nature subsides