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SB 9.15.11

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


prasāditaḥ satyavatyā
maivaṁ bhūr iti bhārgavaḥ
atha tarhi bhavet pautro
jamadagnis tato 'bhavat


prasāditaḥ—pacified; satyavatyā—by Satyavatī; —not; evam—thus; bhūḥ—let it be; iti—thus; bhārgavaḥ—the great sage; atha—if your son should not become like that; tarhi—then; bhavet—should become like that; pautraḥ—the grandson; jamadagniḥ—Jamadagni; tataḥ—thereafter; abhavat—was born.


Satyavatī, however, pacified Ṛcīka Muni with peaceful words and requested that her son not be like a fierce kṣatriya. Ṛcīka Muni replied, "Then your grandson will be of a kṣatriya spirit." Thus Jamadagni was born as the son of Satyavatī.


The great sage Ṛcīka was very angry, but somehow or other Satyavatī pacified him, and at her request he changed his mind. It is indicated here that the son of Jamadagni would be born as Paraśurāma.

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