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SB 9.11.9

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


nāhaṁ bibharmi tvāṁ duṣṭām
asatīṁ para-veśma-gām
straiṇo hi bibhṛyāt sītāṁ
rāmo nāhaṁ bhaje punaḥ


na—not; aham—I; bibharmi—can maintain; tvām—you; duṣṭām—because you are polluted; asatīm—unchaste; para-veśma-gām—one who has gone to another man's house and committed adultery; straiṇaḥ—a person who is henpecked; hi—indeed; bibhṛyāt—can accept; sītām—even Sītā; rāmaḥ—like Lord Rāmacandra; na—not; aham—I; bhaje—shall accept; punaḥ—again.


[Speaking to his unchaste wife, the man said] You go to another man's house, and therefore you are unchaste and polluted. I shall not maintain you any more. A henpecked husband like Lord Rāma may accept a wife like Sītā, who went to another man's house, but I am not henpecked like Him, and therefore I shall not accept you again.

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