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SB 3.26.45

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His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


śāntogrāmlādibhiḥ pṛthak
gandha eko vibhidyate


karambha — mixed; pūti — offensive; saurabhya — fragrant; śānta — mild; ugra — strong, pungent; amla — acid; ādibhiḥ — and so on; pṛthak — separately; dravya — of substance; avayava — of portions; vaiṣamyāt — according to diversity; gandhaḥ — odor; ekaḥ — one; vibhidyate — is divided.


Odor, although one, becomes many—as mixed, offensive, fragrant, mild, strong, acidic and so on—according to the proportions of associated substances.


Mixed smell is sometimes perceived in foodstuffs prepared from various ingredients, such as vegetables mixed with different kinds of spices and asafoetida. Bad odors are perceived in filthy places, good smells are perceived from camphor, menthol and similar other products, pungent smells are perceived from garlic and onions, and acidic smells are perceived from turmeric and similar sour substances. The original aroma is the odor emanating from the earth, and when it is mixed with different substances, this odor appears in different ways.

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