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His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


na dhanaṁ na janaṁ na sundarīṁ
kavitāṁ vā jagad-īśa kāmaye
mama janmani janmanīśvare
bhavatād bhaktir ahaitukī tvayi


na — not; dhanam — riches; na — not; janam — followers; na — not; sundarīm — a very beautiful woman; kavitām — fruitive activities described in flowery language; — or; jagat-īśa — O Lord of the universe; kāmaye — I desire; mama — My; janmani — in birth; janmani — after birth; īśvare — unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhavatāt — let there be; bhaktiḥ — devotional service; ahaitukī — with no motives; tvayi — unto You.


" 'O Lord of the universe, I do not desire material wealth, materialistic followers, a beautiful wife or fruitive activities described in flowery language. All I want, life after life, is unmotivated devotional service to You.'