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770610 - Letter to Ramesvara from Tamal Krsna

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June 10th, 1977

From: Tamal Krishna

My dear Ramesvara Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet.

Last night one gentleman, Mr. Jaya Dayal Dalmia came to visit Srila Prabhupada. Mr. Dalmia is one of the wealthiest men in India and a Gaudiya Vaisnava. He asked for a picture of Krsna and Balarama so I gave him the photo sent by Radha Ballabha of a recently painted picture meant for the ninth or tenth Canto Showing Krsna and Balarama running with some of the cowherd boys and the cows out of Vrndavana with the gopis looking on. To my surprise Mr. Dalmia then said that he wanted to use this as one of the plates for a book about Krsna which he is having published. Of course we cannot allow anyone to use any of our paintings. However, because of the delicate position, it was not possible to say this outright to Mr. Dalmia. However I mentioned that he would have to take your permission as a Trustee of the BBT before he could use the picture. So tactfully you will have to reply him telling him it is not possible to allow these paintings to be used in any other books except those published by the BBT. If it is possible that you have some picture of Krsna and Balarama which was never published and is not going to be, you might send it to him. Mr. Dalmia mentioned that if necessary he could make a slight alteration on the picture and then use it. But I think we do not want him to do this either.

Srila Prabhupada’s health is somewhat improved, not very much, just a little. He is being treated daily by the brahmacari from the Gaudiya Math. Prabhupada said before I was hopeless but now I have a little hope. Prabhupada also said, “I may come or go, but in my books I will live forever.” “If you want to know me, read my books.” “The more you distribute books, history will change.” “Whatever I wanted to say I have said in my books.”

Hoping this meets you well.

Your servant,

Tamal Krsna Gosvami
His Holiness Ramesvara Swami
c/o ISKCON Los Angeles


P.S. Srila Prabhupada has just received a reply from Amburish Prabhu regarding the Washington Doll Exhibit. He has written: “With your permission I would like to make this my life’s work and spend millions of dollars on this.” Needless to say, Srila Prabhupada was very pleased. Prabhupada instructed about the “Bhagwat Museum”: Both ideas of Srimad Bhagavatam & Bhagavad Gita should be practically demonstrated. A planetarium within a museum. Because the money is given generously it must be spent very carefully.

Maharaj, I request that because of the importance of the project it cannot be simply taken as a local GBC project under Rupanuga’s jurisdiction. Rather a committee of responsible persons made up of a few GBC plus Amburish & Goverdhan & Baradwaj & any other necessary persons. (Amburish mentioned that he wants Goverdhan to be included) be formed to plan, execute and finally manage the museum. This is the only way it will be successful. TKG