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740401 - Letter to Syamasundara written from Bombay

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Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 2 of 2)

Hare Krishna Land,
Gandhi Gram Road,
Juhu, Bombay 54, INDIA

April 1_           74

My dear Shyamsundar,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your telegram dated 13 April, 1974 reading as follows: "My most humble obeisances departed India today for America. All signs favorable for good success kindly inform c/o Brooklyn Temple how and where you wish funds repaid. Also how many and where to send your tickets for London plus expected arrival date. Suggest early May for English fragrant Spring time etc..."

I have already sent you a telegraphic reply reading as follows: "Thank you for your telegram. All blessings of Krsna to you. Letter to follow." I am very much engladdened to receive you telegram and I am prepared to go to London by the 1st of May. My preaching program is to go to Hyderabad on 18 April and after a week to visit Tripati Balaji Temple. I think I can come back to Bombay by the 1st of May and then London as invited by you. You can arrange tickets for myself and my three secretaries, Paul Sherbow, Neil Delmonico and Stephen Guarino (Pradyumna, Nitai and Satsvarupa).

Your program to meet her majesty and many responsible elites in London is very attractive to me. You have also proposed that George is preparing some wonderful surprises like my classes with Prince Charles etc. It will be a great opportunity to get cooperation of such big men for rejuvenation of the whole human society.

Our men in the U.S.A. are already taking part in politics for the time being superficially we have registered our political party under the name, "In God We Trust" party. Similarly we can work in England and if the leading personalities cooperate we can have the whole Parliament as Krsna conscious men including her majesty the Queen. My next program is to reinstate the Vedic divisions in society as recommended in the Bhagavad Gita:
catur varnyam maya srstam/ guna karma vibhagasah
tasya kartaram api mam/ viddhy akartaram avyayam (BG 4.13)
Without this division there cannot be any systematic peaceful running of human activities. There must be a very intelligent class to guide the whole population with Brahminical qualifications. There must be a class of people to give protection to the people at the time of danger and ordinarily to maintain peace and order, the ksatriyas. There must be a section to produce food and grains sumptuously for feeding both animals and humans without discrimination. Especially cows must be protected by this class. The meat eater class may not be encouraged but if they are stubbornly attached they can eat hogs and dogs or goats or lambs under certain conditions only, but not by maintaining slaughterhouses. Then human society will be very peaceful and everyone engaged in employment without producing any idle brains which only are devils workshops. If England and America as well as France and Germany can understand this philosophy there will be great theistic revolution which will counteract the atheistic philosophy of Marxism. The present communistic philosophy must be countered by revival of the principles of catur varnyam.

I understand that some philosophers in Russia are thinking of autocracy with good sense. I am also advocating this philosophy. I have explained many times, the Vedic system of autocracy or monarchy in good training of God consciousness can save the world though [text missing] less political thieves have failed with Marxism but if in England people can come to Krsna Consciousness monarchy is superficially maintained, and if the next Krsna Consciousness autocrat it will be a great revolution in the political field. Such noble king is not an autocrat but is guided by Brahmins how to rule and see everyone employed in their respective duties as Brahmana, Ksatriya, Vaishya, and Sudra and no one unemployed. There is no question of unwanted upheaval in society.
All such educational instructions are there in the Gita. We simply have to follow them rigidly and the whole human society will be benefited in this life and the next. I know you have ideas and full faith in Krsna and in me and also you have an opportunity to associate with some important persons. So I think you should think over day and night all these proposals. Let us do something which will bring a peaceful revolution to the whole human society. I am sure I have good assistants like you and if you all cooperate with me I am sure of success. So far you are personally concerned, I repeat, if the business in which you have spent so much time is actually profitable, then stick to it and do the needful. Otherwise, I request you to retire and devote your own work in Krsna Conscious activities. I am glad you are now ready to return the money. You can deposit in Lloyds Bank, Southampton Row [handwritten] Branch number 30-97-81 [handwritten] in London in my account 8006334 . (Saving Bank) [handwritten]
For the time being I can stay in London utmost two weeks then I have to go [handwritten] to France and spend some time, say a month in Geneva, Rome, Sweden, Germany etc. Then if need be I shall come back to London or back to India. So you can think over this matter and do the needful. But if there is important program in London I may not come back to India immediately.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Shyamsundar das Adhikary
439 Henry St.
Brooklyn, New York 11231

c.c. to London [handwritten]