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720826 - Letter to Gaurasundara written from Los Angeles

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August 26, 1972 [handwritten]

My Dear Goursundar,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated August 20, 1972, and I am quite surprised to read it. This does not sound like you. All along I have been discouraged in every way by my Godbrothers, but still I have stuck to my duty, keeping my Spiritual Master always in front. Because there is some fighting or bickering amongst us, that does not mean that I should go away. If I have understood the order of my Spiritual Master rightly, then I must perform my duty under any circumstances and never one think of going away under disgust. I have appointed you to be my GBC representative in South America because I think that you are very much responsible and capable to do it, and I am very fond of you and your good wife Govinda dasi for helping me all along. So do not be disturbed or worried by some small thing, rumor, or misunderstanding. There is no plot amongst our so-called big men against you or Siddhaswarup Ananda. That is childish.
Where have you got this idea to retire and simply translate books? That is not in our line. My Spiritual Master has given me the instruction to spread this movement all over the world and you are my good disciples, are helping me do this. Without your good help I could not have done anything, so practically you can take all the credit for spreading this Krsna Consciousness movement and fulfilling the prophecy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. If there is some incident and I claim that no one is cooperating with me or no one will work with me, that is my defect, not theirs. The Vaisnava devotee must think like this. We should not find fault with others and criticize and go away, that is not the Vaisnava way. Better we should always be willing to offer all respects to others and consider them as our superiors always.
I have requested Siddhaswarup Ananda to meet me in Los Angeles, but if he is not able to then I am coming to hawaii soon on my way to India and I can meet him there and take him with me to India. Meanwhile, do not be disturbed. Everything is alright. If I cannot rely on you to assist me in the GBC position, who can I rely on? So I beg you to reassure me that you will continue to help me in this way, and do not become withdrawn from your active role. Kindly relieve me of this great anxiety. I want to retire now and simply concentrate on translating work, but how can I do it if I cannot give over the management of my society to [handwritten] you all my advanced senior disciples? If one moment you are willing and the next moment there is some small disagreement and immediately you all go away, how can I be calm in my mind? I am going to India by first week of October and I shall stop over one night in Honolulu en route and we can discuss the matter further at that time.
Meanwhile, hoping this meets you in good health,