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720824 - Letter to Madhudvisa and Amogha written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Madhudvisa and Amogha (page 1 of 2 text missing)

Tridandi Goswami

DATE:   August 24, 1972

My Dear Madhudvisa and Amogha,

Please accept my blessings. I have received your letters dated August 13 and August 15 respectively and have noted the contents with some dismay. I do not like to hear these things, but whatever is done, is done. What you have is all right, now go on preaching as you are doing. So far the presidents are concerned, they should not be abruptly changed in future. If there is any complaint they should be first of all informed to me. One thing we should always remember is that all of our devotees picked up here are accustomed to all of these bad habits in their past life, so if sometimes they reveal their old characteristics, instead of rejecting them, it is up to us to rectify them as far as possible. So try to reform Mohananandan there. What he will do by coming here? Amogha has indicated he has already shaved his sikha and has left everything. Do you think U.S.A. is a magic place, simply by coming here he will become reformed? If possible you can send to the U.S.A., but it is better to correct him to the standard point by friendly gestures. We can reject anyone, that is very easy, but to reform him that requires great skill and tact and if you can reform him there by kind words and dealings, that is best. When I was there in Sydney, I observed that Mohananandan is very, very good boy and he has great intelligence and talent, simply it has become little bit misguided due to circumstances. Now you both big leaders in Australia, along with the others, you make a very concerted attempt to help Mohananandan over his difficulties and persuade him that everything is all right; that I am not angry or displeased in any way, these things will sometimes happen even with the best devotees, and in this way try and persuade him to become engaged with his previous enthusiasm for becoming once again a great devotee. He is young boy, so we should not take his actions too seriously, better to forget the past and try to reform him. His service can be once again very much valuable there in Australia, I know he is very good boy. Do not drive him away, that will be the discredit to all of you leaders. But if there is great difficulty, he may come and live with me here in Los Angeles for the time being, I have no objection. But he has done very nicely in Sydney up to the present time, so if you can utilize his experience and talents there, that is the best plan.

I am very glad to hear that Amogha is returning to Djakarta along with others for continuing our preaching work there. He may send me regular reports how work is going on. Krsna is always prepared to give special favor to His devotees who take special risk to spread His name in the far away places and who do not care very much for the comfortable surroundings. Thank you very much for helping me in this way.

Now I want all of you to work cooperatively and very frankly, that is our process, not that we shall always plot and scheme and write letters. Madhudvisa is GBC man for South Pacific zone, so his direction must be followed by everyone and all of the devotees there should address their problems to him for his consideration. One thing is, I have received some distressing report from Hong Kong from Bhurijan, that he is having some difficulty there, so I have assured him that you would send him some assistance very shortly to help him with our mission in Hong Kong. The first thing is to recruit many devotees there in Australia and send them out to the outlying districts such as Manilla and Hong Kong and Djakarta and other places and build up strength in these areas; otherwise, the one or two devotees in these places will become discouraged.

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Hoping this finds you both in the best of health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. I have understand from Karandhar that you have not made Book Fund payments for several months. This must be done immediately.