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720515 - Letter to Giriraja written from Honolulu

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Letter to Giriraj (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Giriraj (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Date:   May 15, 1972
Camp:  ISKCON Honolulu (Reply Los Angeles)

My Dear Giriraj,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 5, 1972, and I was anxiously awaiting for this. So actually we have taken a very responsible task on behalf of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. At the present moment, to speak the truth, the whole population of the world are demons and animals. It may be a very strong aspersion on the people of the world, but this is the fact. But still, because they are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, so originally they were pure and therefore it is the mission of Krishna to get back His parts and parcels to home, exactly like a father likes to get back his son at home because this son had gone out of home for false happiness. But the people are so mad, they are talking so many nonsense things nonsense philosophy, nonsense science--and our task is to meet all of them and at the same time pacify them in their lunatic condition. So I am sure you are a very good soul to act on behalf of Krishna, and do it nicely. Krishna will give you the proper intelligence. He is sitting in your heart. Simply he wants to see us working sincerely.
I have received reports from Mahamsa and Chayavana, and it appears they are doing nicely. Some of the men, however, are complaining they have no sufficient engagement. Two girls have left already Bombay and their complaint was that they had no sufficient engagement. Similarly I have received letters from Puranjan, Varadhana, and Atmarama and either they are not willing to work according to direction or otherwise, how do they complain there is no sufficient engagement? I think there is more than sufficient engagement for everyone. We have got so much to do. We have to deal with so many men with different personalities. So kindly utilize their energies and at the same time keep them satisfied. That is leadership. If one man is appointed as leader, all must follow him and be obedient. "Obedience is the first law of discipline." They are pointing out irregularities, but they themselves are not doing their duty, so they are pointing out the irregularities in others. They came to serve, now they don't want to serve so there is some excuse. Oh, irregularity, let me go away. The workers should not suggest irregularities.
I am pleased you are selling many Krishna Books daily. All our men should go with books. There is sufficient engagement. If Indira devi has approved Rs. 4700/- for that job, that's all right, pay it. One thing: Don't rent tarpaulin, that is money lost. Better to purchase and get for cheaper price. What is the Rs. 7,500/- paid to Mr. Nair? On what account that is paid? So far the building plans, they are nice. I have already sent telegram to Chayavana reading as follows "Fully approve your plans. Go forward immediately," and I have sent you the copy of plan with sketch of domes on the temple roof. So do the needful. So far our investing, where is our money to invest? We have no money to invest. Our process is to collect and spend, from left hand to right hand, or from right hand to left hand. So far you are revising your plan to fit the Los Angeles skyscraper, I do not say that is necessary, it is only a suggestion. Whichever is nicer, you do. Chayavana says that the L.A. skyscraper is impractical for India because it will have to be air-conditioned, so there is no need to follow this plan if it is impractical there. But I am thinking to invest some money to provide for maintaining Vrindaban and Mayapur temples. So in that case, we can follow Indira's instructions, but this will be done when we go back to India, not now. So far the scheme to give Rs. 10,000 and get Rs. 12,000 in return, it is not bad proposal, but we shall think it over and let you know. About the business proposed by Indira's brother, yes, we can give some land on condition that 50% of profit he gives us, but we cannot guarantee that our men will work. We have had bad experience in this partnership business in New York with Mr. Kallman, so we are not going to do that anymore. As far as possible we shall not deal in business. That will not be very good for our spiritual progress. But if somebody contributes for our good cause, that is different. I have suggested in previous letters that we want persons to live in our house who will observe our devotional regulations. We want to pick up some devotees who will be satisfied with regulated life, daily having darshan of the deity, chanting--we want some selected men to live with us, either as cooperative housing society or however. So far prasad distribution, it is not a question of rich or poor. That will be Karma Kanda. Our programme therefore is that we offer prasad to everyone. Make our temple so nice that everyone who comes is offered some prasad. Not that we are after poor men. It is nice that we are feeding 200 daily, but gradually try to increase. But do not advertise, we shall be self-advertising. And do not go to poor areas, this is not our philosophy. Our philosophy is prasad distribution, without discrimination rich or poor. I am writing to Bhavananda, he cannot spend membership money. Regarding books, posters, and stamps, I am writing to Karandhar that he should send you all of these things at cost price, and the cost can be deducted from the Mayapur Fund in U.S.A. I think if you get these stamps, every businessman in Bombay will take. Somehow or other we have to make vigorous propaganda. These two words "Hare Krishna" must appear everywhere. So if we work sincerely without any material aspirations, Krishna will help in all respects, be assured. So far the donation of roses, utilize them nicely. There will be flowers for the deity, it will be a great service. Naranarayan is enthusiastic so let him do this work. One thing: why you and Chayavana are sending carbon-copies of your letters to Brahmananda? What is the use, he is not returning, he has to manage African affairs. You have to manage there with your assistants. I have received the Hindi article sent by you written by Mangalananda Goutam, and this gentleman is known to me, and it is written nicely. So I am enclosing herewith one letter for him, you can forward. Hoping this meets you in good health,
Your ever well-wisher,

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami