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691225 - Letter to Hayagriva written from Boston

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

December 25, 1969

7, Bury Place
London, WC 1

My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated November 25th and 30th, 1969. That things are improving in New Vrindaban is very encouraging to me. The collection in Washington was $4,200, and out of that $1,200 was for expenditures. So the balance $3,000 I have received for my Book Fund. I think for us to publish all of the books which are ready now it will cost not less than $100,000, even without any charges for labor or for the establishment: simply for the cost of materials. So I shall expect contributions from all centers as far as possible for my Book Fund.

Regarding the rumor about New Vrindaban closing, do not try to divert your attention to all these rumors. Rumor is rumor. When New Vrindaban by the wish of Krishna is started, let us go on with the business. I can understand why the rumor was broadcast. There was some discussion when I was in San Francisco with Tamal about the protection of cows. Our main function in New Vrindaban is to give protection to the cows, but there was discussion about the difficulties of keeping cows in New Vrindaban because for the winter season they have to be locked up and fed extraneously. Actually, cow protection is easier when they have simply pasturing ground and we have no botheration for their upkeep. But because in the winter season we have to lock them up and feed them by spending, is that not a problem? Of course, for the small number that are there now that is not a problem, but when we have 50 or 100 cows, as we expect to have that number, then what is the solution? These points were discussed. I think it has taken a different form by rumor. Anyway, this is also a practical point we have to consider. But in spite of all difficulties, when we have started we have to go on improving it as far as possible. New Vrindaban is already established; it cannot be closed. Rest assured. I am so glad to learn that you have planned to build a special accommodation for me, and next summer, if Krishna desires, I must go there. I always remember the fresh milk, fresh vegetables and daily ground wheat flour. They are all very, very nice. Now Kirtanananda Maharaj is also doing very nicely. The whole problem will be solved when we get more men to live there. With sufficient manpower there will be no problem, even for the cows. So make some living houses so people may live there comfortably. Now you should give stress on developing the school. That is important. If Shama Dasi can better take up schooling, it is very good that she be relieved from composing work.

So far as correcting the manuscripts is concerned, you will edit first, then it will be composed, and if there are any spelling mistakes, that can be corrected by anyone there. Regarding purchasing more land, I shall advise you that we shall not keep more than what can manage very nicely. But if the adjoining land is available at a cheaper price, that should be acquired. That is a principle. As it is fixed up that we shall develop New Vrindaban, if land is available at a cheap price, we must have it.

Regarding Vrindaban Chandra going to Columbus, you may open correspondence with Brahmananda in this connection. The remaining portion of Nectar of Devotion has been sent to you, so please acknowledge receipt as soon as it arrives. In your letter of November 25, 1969 you write that you have Nectar of Devotion up to page 346, but Purushottam informs me that he has given you the manuscript up to page 367. also in your letter of October 13, 1969 you write "everything up to page 367 is here in Columbus with me, safe and sound." So please check what is the situation in this connection and inform me in your next letter.

Please offer my blessings to the others. I hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami