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691215 - Letter to Gargamuni written from London

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Letter to Gargamuni (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Gargamuni (Page 2 of 2)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness

CENTER: 7, Bury Place
              London, WC 1

DATE ......December..15,...........19.69

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter with enclosures of one check for $60 and one bank receipt for $500. From the Book Fund this month I have spent a very large amount: $5,400. I have given two checks to Brahmananda, and Brahmananda has also sent me one check for $6,000. So this kind of transaction, printing of books and BTG and collection by selling, is very encouraging to me. Although there may not be any balance left, when we see we have so many books published and so many copies of BTG, that is our pleasure. So I am so glad that you are endeavoring to collect from different centers. If we print all our manuscripts, even at the cost price of materials as estimated by Advaita, I shall require at least $100,000.00. So let us go on. Krishna will help us. Let us try our best combinedly. That is our business.

I am so sorry to learn about your wisdom teeth affair. These wisdom teeth are a good example of Maya's tribulations to us. In my younger days, by Krishna's Grace I had no such trouble, but I saw in my eldest sister this suffering from the wisdom teeth problem, and her gum was also operated upon. That I saw, and I saw how much she was suffering also. This is the way of material existence. So Lord Krishna has advised in this connection that we have to learn tolerance. Your example of dedicated life is very noble. You are handling thousands of dollars for Krishna, but you ask your mother for helping your personal needs. I very much appreciate this example, but it is my order that whenever you are in such trouble, you should not minimize any expenditure. You must have the best kind of treatment available, and you can spend from the money you are collecting on behalf of Krishna. Your mother's assistance is welcome, and as a child you can very affectionately ask her for such assistance. But in case of denial or inability, you should not hesitate to spend from Krishna's money. You can take it from me. By this contribution of your mother out of her affection, your mother has benefited undoubtedly. She is already benefited to have two such nice sons, and she will be more and more benefited. Not only your mother, but also your father and all family members will be benefited by your dedication of life for Krishna's sake. Be rest assured. Krishna Consciousness is so nice.

From past correspondence with Bina Musical Stores and from your description, I have already written to the bank and to Bina also that if they have not actually shipped the instruments prior to this time, according to our understanding, by the middle of October, then the order should be treated as cancelled.* In the meantime, if you actually receive any documents, please inform me before clearing the goods. I have got some instruction to give you. You have to see first whether the consignment is insured. If it is not insured, then you have to take delivery, opening in the presence of a customs officer. I am expecting some unscrupulous behavior from these parties. But if in the meantime they have cancelled the order, that is good. What about Achyutananda? I understand that you sent him an order for mridangas. Have you received any documents for that? How have you arranged the payment for him? I shall be glad to be enlightened on these points.

Regarding the house, if you can do well with Mr. Spellman and if he takes 10-12% profit, that is all right. But do something of a permanent nature. The best thing would have been to have our own house, but Krishna is not giving us the facility. So if Spellman arranges something, that is all right.

I am so glad that Dayananda is doing everything so nicely. He is intelligent, responsible boy, and whatever you do conjointly, it has my approval. You may note it. But always remember that Nandarani is also a very nice devotee girl, and their whole family is coming out nice; so you should see always that they are not in inconvenience in any way. Because he is family man, he should have some special consideration. A brahmachary can tolerate any inconvenience, but women and children cannot. They will have difficulty.

Regarding my writing to you directly rather than through Tamal, I have noted the point. So far as Murlidhara is concerned, I have spoken to Tamal and he has advised that you consult with the lawyer, Michael Green. Also, please inform me in your next letter what is happening with this draft case as it is being handled by Mr. Green. Please offer my blessings to the others. I hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

*P.S. I have sent you a
duplicate B/L. Please
inquire in this dock yard
if the ship is expected and if
so when! [handwritten]