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680607 - Letter to Gargamuni written from Montreal

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Tridandi Goswami
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami
Acharya: International Society For Krishna Consciousness

          3720 Park Avenue
          Montreal 18, Quebec, Canada

DATED .June 7,.................. 1968

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I am so pleased to receive your nice letter dated 3rd of June, 1968, with enclosure of two checks, one for $1000.00 and one for $30.00. It is so kind of you that you are interested in publication of Srimad Bhagavatam for the good of the entire human society. May Krishna bless you for your this magnanimous philanthropy for the human society. There are many philanthropists, humanitarianists, but the best philanthropist is he who can award the people in general Krishna Consciousness. Actually the sufferings of the whole world or the entire universe in material condition, is due to lack of Krishna Consciousness. Therefore, the best service to our brother is to awaken Krishna Consciousness. Your judgement that because you think that you cannot take part in the translation work, therefore, you have decided to contribute for its publication. This dictation from within your heart from Krishna is quite in order. For serving the Lord, we require to sacrifice our life, our wealth, our intelligence, and our words. One can serve the Lord with these four possessions; if not, with three, if not, then with two or even one, and that is sufficient to please the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I wish that you can utilize your best talents in business organization and the result utilized for Krishna's satisfaction is on the absolute platform. To make the idea more clear, if I am translating Srimad-Bhagavatam, and if you are contributing for its publication and helping for its distribution, this means there is no difference between your service and my service. In the absolute platform there is no such distinction. And service is always on the absolute platform. One has to make the best use of his talent for the service of Krishna. That is wanted. Best example is Arjuna, that he utilized his talents, military science, in the service of Krishna.

Brahmananda has come day before yesterday here in Montreal to see me in connection with Teachings of Lord Chaitanya, and about my visa. I have told him that do not bother about the visa. For the present, better utilize their energy in the matter of publication work. Our Teachings of Lord Chaitanya is going nicely and it will be out for sale by September, and as soon as I find this book is nicely printed, then I shall immediately begin printing our Srimad Bhagavatam from these printing companies. I find their printing work very satisfactory. I have therefore stopped printing in India, but I shall require [text missing]