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671115 - Letter to Brahmananda written from Calcutta

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Nov. 15, 1967
My dear Brahmananda, Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated Nov. 9, 1967 and have noted the contents very carefully. The Kirtanananda incident is certainly very unhappy and your dealing with the situation is quite appropriate. Lord Chaitanya who composed the verse that one should be humbler than the straw and more tolerant than the tree for chanting the Holy Name of Krishna, but the same Author learning the insult committed upon the person of Lord Nityananda became furious and the Lord wanted to immediately kill the insulter. The idea is that personally, one should be very meek and humble even in the presence of greatest provocation, but a slight insult to Krishna and His Representative should at once be taken seriously and appropriate measures should be taken. We should never tolerate any insult or blaspheme to Krishna or His Representative. So your action was quite all right, but because we are in the public eyes we have to act cautiously so that people may not misunderstand. Anyway, forget the chapter, there is nothing to be lamented. If thousands of Kirtananandas or Hayagrivas come and go. We have to prosecute our real program being sincere to Krishna and Krishna-Chaitanya. I am just ready for starting for America but as you know our competent government is very slow in action. The P-form was submitted almost a month ago, but still it is going under red tapism. The visa was granted to me within half an hour. The passage money was deposited within two days but unfortunately the Reserve Bank of India is delaying the matter unnecessarily. I expect the P-form at any moment and as soon as I get it I shall start for your country. I understand that you want Subal to go to Amsterdam but who will take care of the Sante Fe Temple? I think Subal and his wife should take care of the Sante Fe Temple, as much as Dayananda and Nandarani should take care of the Temple at Los Angeles. Once a center is opened it must be maintained. A responsible man for each center must be found out before opening. In your previous letter you wrote something about difficulties in our different centers, therefore you should be cautious before opening any further centers. Regarding Gargamuni and Karunyamayee's problem, I have already replied and if required, you can see his letter.