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670829 - Letter to Hansadutta written from Vrndavana

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Letter to Hansadutta (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Hansadutta (Page 2 of 2)
(Note from Kirtanananda)

August 29, 1967


My dear Hansadutta,
Please accept my blessings. Thank you for your recent letter. I am glad to know that you are comfortable in Boston, and that you are engaging your energy there in making nice Krishna prasadam. I am also very pleased to know that Himavati is definitely going to have a baby. It is a very wonderful thing, and surely Krishna will bless your home with His presence, as both you and your wife are His sincere servants; The best preparation for the coming of the child is just for the parents to remain perfectly Krishna Conscious, and of course, the best means for that is by chanting the holy Names and listening to Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagawatam. I very much appreciate that you enjoy helping to open various centers, and that is certainly laudable on your part. You must fully consider, however, your wife and child; your first duty now as a householder is to provide nicely for your wife and child; your first duty now as householder is to provide nicely for

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Sept, 10,67 [handwritten]

Lord to give up fighting; rather he was encouraged in his occupation but at the same time, he was to do it for Krishna. That is the secret of Krishna Consciousness--not that we all have to become preachers, but that we all dedicate our lives or our consciousness (no matter in what capacity) to Lord Krishna. If things can be worked out nicely within the temple, that's all right. But family life requires a certain amount of privacy and convenience, which may not always be available. I am simply concerned that you be happy and contented, so you can prosecute the most important thing, K.C., without being disturbed. Rupanuga and Damodara are both doing nicely in this regard, and I wish the same for you.
Your appreciation of my Spiritual Master is very commendable. One who understands and appreciates the disciplic succession is certainly advanced, and we should always be very careful to give full respect to those who have so carefully handled this Divine Fruit of transcendental knowledge before us. Even a slight change will spoil it. That is why I have always been so careful to give you only those things which I have heard from my Guru Maharaj.
Please extend my blessings to Himavati and any others who may be with you. H ope you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Sriman Satsyarupa Bramachari
Sriman Hansaduta Adikary
103 E. Brooklyn Street
Boston, Mass.     02118

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
Radhda Damodar Temple
Seva Kunja
Vrindaban (Mathura)