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670809 - Letter to Prabhus from Kirtanananda

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August, 9 1967

From: Kirtanananda das - SL-670809-A

Dear Prabhus,

How happy we were to receive your letters of 3 August, and to learn that things are going nicely in Montreal in spite of the absence of two staunch warriors. You are always very much on our minds and in our hearts.

We have now been in Vrindaban for a little over a week, and the monsoon rains have again begun to fall. For the first ten days I was here in India there was no rain to speak of, and you can believe me when I say it was hot. But now it is raining a great deal of the time, and that has made the weather quite comfortable for me – but unfortunately, not for Swamiji. Also, I have developed the inevitable case of dysentery, which has been persisting for about a week now. So physically I have not been feeling too well, and have been unable to go out very much. Most of all, I have not been able to serve our Master as energetically as I would have wished. But certainly Krishna has some good end in view – all we need do is trust Him and He will see us through. Yesterday began the festival of Jhulan, in which Radha and Krishna come out and swing for about five days, so I made the rounds of about a half dozen temples here. Some of them are extremely beautiful inside, although most are small. Still I can say this with all truthfulness and sincerely that none are so transcendentally beautiful and spiritual as 3720 Park Avenue Montreal – and I think even Swamiji would agree with me there. There is a great deal of beautiful form here, but nowhere do you hear the sincere chanting of the Holy Name as in our temples.

How are things going with the prasad program? Why did you not include any figures ? Please give us full reports.

Janardan: Swamiji has just informed me that He has full support for you plans, except that He thinks that you ought to finish up your business there first – i.e. He says get your PhD first and then come to Vrindaban.



Kirtanananda das