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551005 - Letter to Gosvami Maharaja written from Delhi

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Letter to Gosvami Maharaja (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Gosvami Maharaja (Page 2 of 2)

From A. C. Bhaktivedanta


New Delhi 5/10/55

My Dear Shripad Gosvami Maharaj,
Kindly accept my humble and respectful dandabats. I am in due receipt of your letter of the [unclear] __ __ while you're staying at Howrah Gaudiya Math. I hope by the time this letter reaches your hand you might have come back to calcutta. I was anxiously awaiting your articles for October. Today is the 5th and I thought that by the 15th of this month the paper might be be out. So please send the articles per return of post and oblige. I have noted your instruction for reviewing Netaidas Brahmachary's book. The other book is not available from Shri Keshavanadaji.

I am glad that you have purchased one model No 16 Remington Typewriter and I think you have done right in doing so. To conduct the Sajjan Toshani Patrika it is absolutely necessary. This typewriter is to be returned today because the period of one month expires today and as you are bringing very soon the purchased one, I shall return it today without further rental expenses.
I wish to see this paper just to the standard of "Illustrated Weekly" with numerous pictures in order to make it a very popular literature and for this I wish to move myself to secure subscribers as well as advertisers. I wish to visit good businessmen, insurance companies and Govt. officers in this connection. But I have no proper dress at all. I want two set of good dresses in order to take up this reponsibility and I shall be glad to have you decision on this matter. It is my heart's desire that this paper is improved to the highest elevation.

I am glad that Sripad Sridhar Maharaj has advised you to purchase a land at Mayapur. Yes we we must have a temple at Mayapur. If every one of us possess a temple there, the importance of Sridham Mayapur will automatically increase and we must have this ideal in view always. I am also glad to learn that you are securing some good land on long lease from the Port commissioners for our Howrah Math. Howrah is a good place for preaching our cult and it behooves that we have a decent Math there.

Akinchan Maharaj has received your cheque for Rs. 400/- and he is preparing to start for Jaipur as early as possible.
Awaiting your early reply.

Yours affectionately,
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N.B. Some non-Bengali gentlemen are demanding my Hindi edition of Chaitanya Charitamrta. They are prepared to pay any price for this (Rs 32/ or Rs 25/- ) your Holiness has already seen the manuscript. I wish to get it out part by part. The first part will cost near about Rs 600/-. If this part is sold out, The other parts will automatically come out. I would request you to invest this initial Rs 600/- for this purpose under any arrangement you like. I shall be glad to receive your reply on this point. I hope you will give this starting & oblige.
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