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SB 4.25.48

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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


nalinī nālinī ca prāg
dvārāv ekatra nirmite
avadhūta-sakhas tābhyāṁ
viṣayaṁ yāti saurabham


nalinī—of the name Nalinī; nālinī—of the name Nālinī; ca—also; prāk—eastern; dvārau—two gates; ekatra—in one place; nirmite—constructed; avadhūta—of the name Avadhūta; sakhaḥ—with his friend; tābhyām—by those two gates; viṣayam—place; yāti—used to go; saurabham—of the name Saurabha.


Similarly in the east there were two sets of gates named Nalinī and Nālinī, and these were also constructed in one place. Through these gates the King, accompanied by a friend named Avadhūta, used to go to the city of Saurabha.


The two gates named Nalinī and Nālinī are the two nostrils. The living entity enjoys these two gates with the help of different avadhūtas, or airs, which constitute the breathing process. Through these gates the living entity goes to the town of Saurabha, or aroma. In other words, the nostrils, with the help of their friend the air, enjoy various aromas in the material world. Nalinī and Nālinī are the pipes of the nostrils, through which one inhales and exhales, enjoying the aroma of sense pleasure.

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