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1960 Back to Godhead Volume 3 Part 16

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Back to Godhead
1960 March 20 Back to Godhead Volume 3 Part 16
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Identity of Lord Chaitanya

Price Six pice a Copy. Annual Rs 2.25 nP.
DELHI, Sunday 20th March, 1960
Fortnightly published

On the occasion of Lord Chaitanya's 474th Birthday anniversary on the 13th March, 1960, we venture to announce herewith that Kaviraj Krishna Das Goswami's Bengali Chaitanya Charitamrita has been rendered into English under the title of CHAITANYA CHARITAMRITA-ESSAYS & TEXT in 3000 pages. Specimen of the great Book is published in this issue to draw attention and to invite enquiries from prospective customers. It will be published in six parts of at least 500 pages.

Printed and Published by the Editor
at Surendra Printers Private Ltd., Deputyganj, Delhi
and published by him from 'Back to Godhead' Office,
under declaration Dated 28-2-56.
Editor's residence 1/859: Keshi Ghat, P.O. Vrindaban, Mathura (U.P.)